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Now that I’m 40 I think it might be time to write my memoir. After all, I have a few decades of experience to share along with some wisdom and knowledge and truth bombs (that’s the term the kids are using these days, right?).

But what to name it? I have a few working titles:

Where’d I Park My Car?: A Life in 50 Parking Lots

Inspiration: My Life Between Sneezes

Hiding in the Bathroom: 47 Ways to Get Some Damn Peace

I Conquered Laundry Mountain: Great Achievements of the 90s-Now

That’s Where That Went!: Things I’ve Found in My Bra

Sure, I Like Her (and Other Lies I’ve Told)

I’m Not a Joiner: Tips for Avoiding the PTA

Wear Those Pants All Week and Don’t Wash Your Hair: A Style Guide for Moms

Carpool Confessions

Cereal, Grilled Cheese, and Chips: A Weeknight Cookbook

What do you think? What would you name your memoir?


  1. Ashley The Wandering Weekenders

    I personally love the one about hiding in the bathroom when you’re trying to get some peace and quiet!

  2. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    Mine would be “the art of not giving a fuck” but someone already stole that title. Rude.

  3. Audrey

    I would read all of these books but my favorite title is “Sure, I Like Her (and Other Lies I’ve Told)”- hahaha!
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  4. Lauren

    OMG Sure I Like Her is my personal favorite, followed closely by I’m Not a Joiner. Mine would have to convey that I probably don’t like people, unless I like them, in which case I really like them. I’ll work on it.

  5. Stephanie

    LOL Things I’ve Found in My Bra is my favorite, I have to say. I connect with that one on a personal level! But they’re all fabulous. I might have to steal this post idea some day 🙂
    (I haven’t read or commented on yesterday’s post, but I’m sorry for your loss. I’m still mentally preparing myself for the cry fest that will come with reading.)

  6. Rebecca Jo

    These are hilarious!
    Tips for avoiding the PTA makes me think of that show American Housewife 🙂 haha
    I love the bra one too… I did that just yesterday, took it off for my bath & had crumbs that I have no idea where they came from since they didnt look like anything I ate for the day. Who knows.

  7. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    Wear Those Pants All Week and Don’t Wash Your Hair: A Style Guide for Moms is my favorite because #truth. Left to my own devices, my weeknight cookbook would be: Frozen Pizza, Spaghettios and Cinnamon Toast. And I’m not kidding about the spaghettios. They are gross and yet opening a can and plopping the contents into a bowl is all I can do some nights. And I do not feel ashamed. But maybe a little embarrassed because it’s spaghettios. 😀 Titles for my memoir would be: How To Get Fat Without Trying or Unmade Bed: A Cry for Help or Genius Decision and finally, I Can’t Remember if I Changed My Underwear. 😀

  8. kristen

    i would totally buy all of these, but especially yhe cookbook. ha! yum. i can’t think of anything for my own memoir, probably something about all the things i didn’t do in between all the books i read.

  9. Nadine

    Thing’s I’ve Found in My Bra sounds like my LIFE! Sure, I Like Her cracked me up so hard. I am not sure what I would name my memoir. Probably something like Is it Still Acceptable to Wear Sandals or I Don’t Know, Where Do You Want to Eat.
    Nadine recently posted…When September EndsMy Profile

  10. Kristin Darhower

    I like the PTA and cookbook ones.
    Mine would be “The forced-to-be social army wife”

    Side note: your post about Dobie was sad and beautifully written. Definitely made me tear up. I hope you’re on your way to feeling at peace about it :/

  11. Donna Freedman

    As someone who had chili and cereal for supper, I vote for the cookbook.
    Donna Freedman recently posted…‘The secrets of super savers,’ revealed.My Profile

  12. SMD

    Love them all, so hard to choose. LOLOL

    I am the worst with titles unless they are these kinds of titles.

  13. Allison Arnone

    Anti-social Butterfly – a memoir
    F*ck It, I’m Going Shopping – a memoir
    Always Inconvenienced and Irritated- a memoir
    I Was Gonna Do That Thing But…Nah – a memoir
    Ranting Through Life- a memoir
    Allison Arnone recently posted…Why I Don’t “Fashion Blog”My Profile

  14. Kay

    hahaha things I found in my bra – I could use that title too

  15. Femme Frugality

    Things I’ve Found in My Bra gets my number one vote. Hilarious! And also real life.
    Femme Frugality recently posted…Unique Economic Obstacles for LGBTQ+ IPV SurvivorsMy Profile


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