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TV pet peeves

I’ve been watching a lot some TV and movies lately and some shit is really on my nerves. Let’s discuss:

  • Why does no one start a car with a key? How do these magic cars start? 
  • Teeth brushing. Just use some damn toothpaste. Your water isn’t fooling anyone
  • Perfectly decorated and clean houses everywhere. Except when they want to represent poor people. Then the houses are dirty. Like FILTHY. I don’t get that stereotype and quite frankly, it pisses me off. Economic status does not always equal level of cleanliness and organization
  • No one says goodbye when they hang up the phone. Manners exist in real life. Why not movies?
  • All the pushed up against a wall sex. It looks painful and uncomfortable and awkward because hello height differences and are that many people having sex that way?
  • Cheerleader tropes. I’m confident I’ve ranted about this before but honestly, the cheerleaders I know don’t dress or act like that and MAYBE they wouldn’t have to fight against the horrible stereotype movies and TV perpetuate if people who write those tropes would knock it the fuck off See also: buffoon dads
  • Gun usage. Not so much that there is gun usage but more a matter of how does everyone know how to use a gun? I don’t know how to properly use a gun and I was forced to take self-defense and that included dismantling (disarming?) a gun. Still can’t shoot it
  • The perfect manicures and the frequency with which nail polish colors change. You want to show real? Show a woman with chipped nail polish. See also: no wardrobe repeats

Do you have any movie or TV pet peeves?


  1. Audrey

    Ha- the wall sex, nail polish, and gun usage are all 100% unbelievable. Also, I feel like I connect with a TV-family more when their dining room table is filled with bags or homework. Or there are dishes in the sink! And the not saying ‘goodbye’ on the phone thing has ALWAYS made me crazy!!
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  2. Teh Megan

    My car starts with a push button. Maybe that’s the case? Otherwise, you’re correct, magic.
    If someone hangs up the phone on me without saying goodbye, I’ll call them back and ask what their problem is.

    I sit and nitpick at things on the TV to the point that we rarely watch TV/movies. Fiance has actually had to say to me before, “Please don’t analyze this entire movie while we’re watching it.” Apparently, I’m really bad.

  3. Rebecca Jo

    I so laughed at the wall sex…

    OK – confession – I have caught myself recently, I never say goodbye. I usually end it just with like “Gotcha”… “Alrighty then”… or some sort of ‘sum up’ word & then just hang up. I’ve hung up on my boss before many times because I thought he was done & I just hung up & didnt say bye… & he was still talking. haha

  4. Kristin Darhower

    Perfect hair bothers me. Like if we all just walked out of a make-up trailer, we’d all look like that.

  5. Nadine

    I am so with you on wall sex, like who actually does that on a regular basis? Or at all? We always comment on the pretend eating, drinking and activities of daily life while we watch shows too.

  6. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    the hanging up without saying good bye…I also think that’s weird.

  7. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    Oh man. I love this because this stuff drives me nuts! Like when people … i.e. women … wake up looking perfect. Make-up on and not the smeared kind of being too lazy to take the previous day’s make-up off, but looking like they just got back from the Chanel counter at Nordstroms. I also hate how all the victim’s homes tend to be (unless poor) to be immaculate on cop shows. If I got murdered, the police would be like, Dang! Girl was a slob.
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  8. SMD

    HA. My nails might only be chipped for a day – I can’t deal with it. My car also requires no key to start. However that still confuses me in real life.

    The buffoon dad ENRAGES me. I love The Simpsons, American Dad, and Family Guy but I freaking HATE Homer, Stan, and Peter. Like visceral hatred.

  9. Stephanie

    Lol my mom’s car starts with a push button but otherwise I totally feel you on this list. So ridiculous! Wall sex is not real life, come on.

  10. Lauren

    I am with you on the vomit situation. It’s out of control. I have to add early morning intimacy of any kind to the list. I don’t care how in love you are or how new your relationship is, morning breath is real and should be handled accordingly. OH and characters going to restaurants, ordering food and maybe getting it, and then leaving with no sign of having paid. This is huge on Gilmore Girls and likely others. Drives me nuts.

  11. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    Love these. Second only to sex against a well is sex in the shower and/or hot tub. Or on the beach. All less sexy and more difficult than the TV/movies make it look. Other pet peeves, and I’ll go ahead and pick on the Gilmore Girls: they at crap food but never gained a pound. They also would order food and never eat it. If I was Luke I’d be like “get the fuck out of my restaurant you food wasters!” lol! Not saying good-bye on the phone always drove me crazy too. And I also think its rude to pick up the phone and answer, “yeah.” I also kind of hate it when they go to the grocery store and it’s one bag and it always shows something like carrots out the top of the bag. Where are the multiple trips to the car? OK I’m done.
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  12. Brittany Pines

    No one says I love you either. Like ONCE, and it’s a huge deal, and then after that never again unless someone is dying.

    For the gun thing…they don’t. Like, SOA was a show about GUN RUNNING and they had the poorest shooting stances and treatment of weapons ever (says the wife of a military vet and law enforcement who has listened to repeated rules regarding the handling of weapons). The idea of anyone actually hitting a target by handling things the way they do is as laughable as the standing up sex.

  13. Allison Arnone

    YES, people never say goodbye when they hang up a phone and they never pee. Also? When they show couples waking up in bed together and talking inches from each other’s faces and you’re like THERE’S NO WAY YA’LL DONT HAVE AWFUL MORNING BREATH


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