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This week in…: The 11th one in 2016

Daylight savings time fuck anyone else up this week? Time changes normally don’t affect me too much but this year, it’s kicked my ass. Brutally. So much so that I literally have no idea what happened. I will do my best to remember and recap:

  • Started The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. It’s a cute little book thus far that of course mentions meth. I truly can’t escape it. Picked up nothing new because I have made a commitment to my ebooks that I will read them. DNF Skippy Dies. Sorry, Skippy. 
  • Binged on Bosch. So good. Watch it if you can.
  • Continued to weep for this country as Trump’s winning streak remains intact and the Duggars returned to TV. Also, now that there’s a SCOTUS nomination, that should make for a nice side show that is the circus of this election. 
  • Made chicken noodle soup in the crockpot. Put the noodles in too early. They dissolved. But it made for a nice creamy texture without any milk or cream. That was a fun discovery.
  • Found out rage yoga is a real thing.  I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.
  • Bought this: 

    When this is the name of a lipstick, you fucking buy it


  • Internet reads: from two of my blogger friends, Happiness Is and I Like Other Women. And this letter to troubled girls. Most of us can benefit from its words.
  •  Funnies:
  • I am a Gemini. This is completely accurate.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be back together on Tuesday with Judging Covers!!



  1. Kristin

    The political poster…Walken would make an excellent president!
    And the grammar picture. Holy cow, so true. I’ve been telling kids to stop talking like hillbillies this week (“I don’t got one” is commonly said).
    I’m watching season 2 of Bosch.
    And the time change has been detrimental. I don’t like the daylight at 7pm. I want it at 6am so I can get out of bed.

  2. Kelli

    I’d vote for Walken/Busey, that would be a hilarious 4 years.

    I didn’t feel like time change affected me but today I feel like I’ve been up for days with no sleep. I cannot wait for PJ weekend!
    Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 3/18My Profile

  3. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    That is totally accurate for me about the group chat.

    My sleep has been off this week, and I’ve felt the need for more of it.
    SMD @ Life According to Steph recently posted…Spring Goals 2016My Profile

  4. Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about Bosch, but I haven’t watched it yet. I’m kind of hoping that I can read a few more of the books before I start watching the show since my friend said that several of the books are in the first season. That lipstick name color is so awesome! I would have bought it too!
    Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders recently posted…Five Favorite Memories From Girls TripsMy Profile

  5. Linda sheridan

    Love this post! Ugh on the GOP. Just ugh. I cannot believe they are acting like spoiled brats on the SCOTUS moderate nominee. The Koch brothers couldn’t buy the last 2 presidential elections & these old, white men are going nuts. They created the Trump bandwagon. Enough of that. Love the lipstick. Very interesting about the chicken noodle soup! Have a happy weekend! Love. Steph’s. Momma

  6. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    Even my republican friends are like, “WTF!!!!” It blows my mind Trump has gotten this far. What if the leader of another country says something not so flattering about Trump. Is Trump going to write mean tweets to that person? Probably! That’s his 3-grade bully character! grrrr!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…The One Thing I Sold That I RegretMy Profile

  7. Mackenzie

    The “signs in a group chat” is hilarious and spot on! I am a Taurus and what it says is so true! Ha 🙂 Have a good weekend Jana!
    Mackenzie recently posted…Monday Meanderings: The 11 Pound EditionMy Profile

  8. Stephanie

    LOL so hard at the group chat, because I’m a Scorpio and that’s me – I never, ever reply.
    Stephanie recently posted…Spring Goals aka It’s Moving TimeMy Profile

  9. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    I keep thinking that one morning I’m going to wake-up and Trump will just admit he has been “punking” us. I didn’t know the Duggars were back – why????? And yes, if we’re going to crazy – let’s make it fun crazy!! Not a big fan of sweet tea, either. And I’m a cancer and that’s definitely me – trying to keep things light! LOL! And thanks for the shout-out, truly appreciated!!!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…Happiness is …My Profile

  10. erin shanendoah

    Thanks for the link up 🙂

    Also, I agree Bosch is very good. I think we watched it over the summer when Pop Tart was at Grandmas.
    erin shanendoah recently posted…I Like Other WomenMy Profile

  11. Ali A

    After “Super Tuesday” when Donald essentially won EVERYTHING again, I gave up. After his latest snafus I’m convinced he’s right when he says he can literally MURDER someone & still be the Republican nominee. Do you watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee? It is SO good.

    Ali A recently posted…#ROTD: Volume 18My Profile

  12. lisacng @ expandng.com

    I am going to sleep so late these days and can’t get up my normal time (because I go to sleep late). I really hate all this time-change business…
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Kitchen staples & quick recipesMy Profile

  13. Nadine

    My sleep has been so off this week, so I feel ya!!! I am going to need lots of recovery and chill time this weekend. Ummmm fbomb? Yes please! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Nadine recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  14. Amber

    We might start watching Bosch.

    I saw that Duggar show. The husband was all, “I guess some people don’t like it when dads say they are babysitting their kids..” Well duh, moron. I don’t know why I watch. It only makes me snarky.
    Amber recently posted…Why I Didn’t “Go Home” When My Husband DeployedMy Profile

  15. kristen

    hahaha i do not remember meth being in the broken wheel book. i’m excited to hear your thoughts on that. that lipstick was made for you, duh. that first funny is hilarious.. except i don’t know what thot means lol

  16. Dani

    The signs of group chat is so true!
    I cannot fathom how Trump is still in this election. It makes me sad and VERY worried about our country.
    What’s rage yoga?
    I hope you love The Readers of Broken Wheel as much as I did!


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