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More things I wonder

I haven’t done a things I wonder post in quite awhile and although I had planned to write a post today correcting yet another asshole on the internet who is completely and utterly wrong, I decided to save that for another day and wonder out loud instead.

Because I do what I want.

  • I haven’t been to the library in like 6 weeks. Are the librarians sad? Happy? Have they noticed?
  • Why can’t the prices of drinks at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts match the increments of the gift cards they sell? Who the fuck enjoys having 82 cards with like 9 cents on each one?
  • Why does my flexible spending company not believe that places with words like “orthodontics” and “vision academy” are medical providers? 
  • Can daylight savings time go away?
  • Am I the only one creeped out by Pinocchio?
  • Why does NetGalley take so damn long to tell you if you were approved for a book? PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW AND KNOW IMMEDIATELY.
  • Is there a way to care less about March Madness? Because if there is, I’d like to know it. I’m curious to find out just how far my indifference can go.
  • Do people actively avoid me like I avoid them? I mean, I’m sure the answer yes but I still would like to know. Maybe I don’t. Mark me as undecided on this one and forget I asked.
  • Can one own too many pairs of black yoga pants?
  • Why does my microwave heat things to boiling inedible hot or not at all? (Perhaps it’s time for a new one but I hate shopping for appliances. Are there personal shoppers for these things?)
  • I know I wrote two of these so why can’t I find the second?

How about you guys? What are some things you wonder?


  1. Linda Sheridan

    I love this blog idea! I have so many black items of
    Clothing. It’s ok with me. I am so used to my almost 20 year old appliances in my kitchen and I love them.
    I wonder how socks disappear. Socks without partners drives me batty.
    Very enjoyable blog!
    Love, Steph’s Momma

  2. Audrey

    I freaking hate Pinocchio. I always have. It was my least favorite kids movie as a kid. (Now it’s THe Fox and the Hound because that shit is devastating.)
    I don’t even know the teams in March Madness. Or where they’re at… How many games are left? No clue. Ha.
    Audrey recently posted…You May All Go to Hell & I Will Go To TexasMy Profile

  3. Megan

    Once someone taught me about using the microwave at 1/2 power for double the time, my life was changed. It’s not as easy as pressing “add 30 seconds” twice, but it’s way more effective at not dealing with cold centers and boiling edges.

  4. Rebecca Jo

    I still cant believe Daylight Savings is a thing. All the problems in the world, how are people not gathering & protesting THAT? It needs to be changed!
    The hubs always saves those gift cards & uses them all. If it gets below a dollar, I’ll just toss it – but not him. he’ll go in with like 10 gift cards 🙂 haha

  5. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    I wonder how some people can sleep at night knowing they scammed someone! long story. basically, my blog got scammed and I’m probably just being over-dramatic but I HATE dishonest people.
    kathy @ more coffee, less talky recently posted…Benefits of Bone Broth.My Profile

  6. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    One cannot own too many black yoga pants. It is impossible! 😀 I agree – NetGalley can take forever to approve you for a book. I didn’t put any new books on hold since the last Show Us Your Books (ya know – the one a week ago) but I did request 8 books on NetGalley. Seriously. I have to stop. I know nothing about March Madness and I am happy being ignorant about it.
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…20 Great Movies Celebrating WomenMy Profile

  7. Heather

    Like Steph’s mom, I wonder all the time about how socks disappear. Like if I put 10 pairs in the laundry, how is it that half of them don’t have a partner when they come out?! SO confusing. Or maybe I am just disorganized and have young children who put socks everywhere? haha. I don’t follow March Madness at all (and am quite far removed from it) but it is definitely all the rage on the internet! I love this idea for a post 🙂
    Heather recently posted…Chatting about Books (SUYB March!)My Profile

  8. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    The entire story of Pinocchio creeps me out.

    I wonder if my office mates notice when I work at home or if it’s only the people at my Dunkin Donuts.

  9. Amanda

    Hahaha this is so good, and I totally agree about March Madness. Also this reminds me of a game my friend Eric and I used to play. We wished we could ask “the number guy” things. Like, “I wonder how many steps I’ve taken in my life,” or “I wonder how many cars have parked in this same parking spot.” – Wouldn’t it be so cool to just have a guy you could call to ask something like that, and he’d be able to tell you, no problem?

  10. Nadine

    Daylight savings time can go to hell!!!! I care nothing about March Madness either, I didn’t even fill out the company bracket because I care that little even though there was no risk to me and I could have only won money. If you register your Starbucks gift card with the app, you can combine all your gift cards on to your main one!!!! I just found that out a few months back and it’s really the best thing ever!

  11. Allison

    the microwave saga is forever perplexing to me (and even went in a rant post once) – why does it just make the bowl hot and not the food?

    also lately i’m wondering why NO ONE i encounter on a daily basis has common sense. not one.

  12. texerinsydney

    I wonder if I’m the only person that likes daylight savings.
    I wonder if I own more black yoga pants or black boots. Maybe I should go count, just for fun.
    I am agreeing with about comments, I wonder how we have so many mismatched socks in this household.
    texerinsydney recently posted…Random, Frivolous Things About MeMy Profile

  13. Stephanie

    LOL I actually know for a fact that people avoid me like I avoid them. Tara has a sort of friend I can’t stand and I’m so apathetic bordering on mean when she’s around that she asks first if I’m coming and then doesn’t show if I’m there. Not sorry, she’s pure obnoxious evil.
    Stephanie recently posted…Other Ways to Cleanse for SpringMy Profile

  14. Femme Frugality

    I, personally, like to mix up my yoga pants. Black, grey, tribal print to spice things up. Haha. But I don’t think you can’t have too many black. Who the eff is going to notice? And if they do, I wonder how sad their lives are?

    Can’t wait to read the correction one. Those are my favorites. 😀
    Femme Frugality recently posted…Why Lake Louise Ski Resort is a Great DealMy Profile

  15. Laura

    I was so frustrated with the DD gift cards with a few cents each, and I went online and discovered you can combine them all into one! I did it last week with a bunch and it was enough to buy a medium drink!!

  16. Christina

    NetGalley is killing me! I have books on there that I requested three months ago! Just tell me no already! DST is so stupid. and it’s been proven time and time again that it’s worthless and not healthy for us, so why is it still happening? There was a bill to end it introduced into our state senate last month. Let’s hope it goes through!


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