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Interview with a bookworm: Kelli from Kellibeans

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means! Interview with a bookworm day!

Today’s bookworm is Kelli from Kellibeans and I need to say that I’ve been reading her blog for two years and just now, literally just now, I figured out that her blog name is a play on jelly beans because clearly I am an idiot (or maybe it’s a play on something else and I’m too dumb to figure that out, too).interview with a bookworm

A bit of interview housekeeping: there’s four interviews left in the series and if you want to be interviewed, please let me know so we can keep it going. If it ends after the last one, I have a new books feature I’m planning which gives you something to look forward to. And, as always, don’t forget to read the interview archives when you’re done. 

Now let’s talk to Kelli. 


Come see me over at Kellibeans, we talk mostly about the beach, books, and pretty pictures!
Jana: Why do you enjoy reading?
Kelli: It allows me to travel to places I would never be able to go otherwise and it allows me to experience life through someone else’s mind.
book variations
Jana: How do you decide what to read?
Kelli: I read a lot of book lists on sites like Bustle and Bookriot I also stalk my Goodreads friends constantly.
Jana: Who are some of your favorite authors and/or genres?
Kelli: All of them, I will read anything if the story is captivating. I’m no book snob, every book is fair game in my world.
Jana: What’s your favorite book or a book you always recommend?
Kelli: I try to recommend books to friends based on what I think they will like that I have read. My favorite genre’s are probably literary fiction and chick lit, also any book with a picture of a beach on the front deserves a go.
Jana: Do you watch movie adaptations of books? What do you think of them?
Kelli: Rarely, I’m not a movie/TV person in general but movies based on book usually just make me mad.
Jana: Ebooks, paper books, audiobooks, or a combination? Why?
Kelli: Paper forever and always! There is nothing like the feel and smell of paper. Yes I smell my books, you don’t?
smell a book
Jana: Do you use the library or buy books?
Kelli: Both, I use the library for new books and I stalk used books stores and half.com for older books I’m interested in reading.
Jana: Does it offend you when people call you a bookworm or book nerd? Why or why not? Kelli: Not at all, nothing much offends me.
Jana: How do you find time to read?
Kelli: I work from home so no boss is looking over my shoulder, there is always a book on my desk for office down time. I also read in the evenings instead of watching TV.

Jana: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to people who say they don’t enjoy reading or don’t have time to read?
Kelli: If you don’t enjoy reading you just haven’t found the right book, if you don’t have time make it. Even if you only read for 10 or 15 minutes a day just read something, it’s exercise for your mind!

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  1. Kristen

    still love this series! i totally agree about the making time – i might read for hours a night but that doesn’t mean everyone has to. 5-10 minutes is all it takes ๐Ÿ˜‰ love that ecard, we got home from a roadtrip on sunday and i sat on my butt and read rather than doing the laundry haha. oops.
    Kristen recently posted…Tips on packing less (and choosing what to pack).My Profile

    1. Kelli

      Every little minute you have free can be spent reading, even a few minutes can get you into a story so you won’t want to put it down.
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  2. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    Great thoughts. I’m no book snob either. I definitely have books/authors/genres I don’t really like, but I’ll try mostly anything!

    I never understand people not having time to read. You make it or you don’t.
    SMD @ Life According to Steph recently posted…Reese’s peanut butter s’mores in the ovenMy Profile

    1. Kelli

      I don’t understand book snobs, what if you miss the best story ever because it happens to be a romance or sci-fi? Good stories are what I’m after!
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  3. Nadine

    There is nothing quite like the smell of a book! And I am with you, I will read just about anything. If I don’t like a book, I quit reading. Life is too short for a bad book….but I am open to any genre.
    Nadine recently posted…Weekend Shenanigans โ€“ Beaching for โ€˜MuricaMy Profile

    1. Kelli

      Book smell should be a perfume or a candle, it’s just so good!

      Life is to short for bad books, just put it down and move on!
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  4. Amber

    I do smell my books! Often. My kids are all, “You’re weird.” But I love it.
    Amber recently posted…Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!My Profile

    1. Kelli

      Hahaha, I’m glad I’m not the only one. No one has ever said anything to me about it but I’m sure someone must have noticed.
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  5. lisacng @ expandng.com

    I also read instead of watching TV!
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Page Turners: Ready Player OneMy Profile

    1. Kelli

      The TV gets turned off as soon as the news ends, I’d rather spend my time in silence reading. Besides it sets a good example for Little K to have the TV just because sometimes.
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  6. Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand

    I posted info about this series on my book challenge facebook group. I know there are a few bloggers in the group, so maybe that will attract a few more participants.

    Jana, I consider you a smart woman. How did you not make the connection between Kellibeans and Jelly Beans? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kelli, I love that you aren’t a book snob. I’m not either. Book snobs and music snobs annoy me.
    Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand recently posted…4th of July in AustraliaMy Profile

    1. Kelli

      Book snobs have no idea all the great stories they could potentially be missing out on! I’m up for anything book wise.
      Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 7/10My Profile

  7. Gwen

    Jana, if I haven’t said it before, I love this series of interviews!

    Kelli, I never thought about it but I totally smell books, too! And I love your answer of “any book with a picture of a beach on the front deserves a go.” That should be a new genre.
    Gwen recently posted…SCOTUS: We Know DramaMy Profile

  8. Kerry

    Love her answers. i totally agree you make time for what you love and reading will always have a space in my day.
    Kerry recently posted…Getting Back to NormalMy Profile

  9. BJM

    You should link to your interviewee’s GoodRead accounts!


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