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Carnival of Personal Finance #427: The Netflix binge watching edition

Although I don’t write a personal finance site, many of my friends do so I’m giving them a hand today by hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance. Hope you enjoy it!

My name is Jana and I am a binge watcher. I blame Netflix and its readily available programming for this problem. Because before this entered my life, I watched TV like a normal person. I watched one regularly scheduled episode of a few shows and then moved on with my day.

Now, thanks to Netflix, I can’t do that anymore. No. Now I must watch as many episodes as I possibly can in one day, often to the point of sleeping less because I need just. One. More. Episode.

It’s terrible. In the last year, I’ve made it through approximately 9 shows from start to finish (by finish, I really mean “what’s streaming on Netflix and then also watching the current season live”) including Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Killing. And I want my life back.

Yet, I kind of don’t. You see, not only does Netflix currently have several of my all-time favorite shows available for my immediate viewing pleasure (and these shows are not in syndication and are also kind of hard to find in reruns) but binge watching saves me money. Lots and lots of money.

Because it’s hard to spend money when you don’t leave your house and you’re too engrossed in the happenings of SAMCRO or cheering for the Dillon Panthers to bother to shop online. It also helps that there are dozens of great blog posts that also encourage me to be mindful of my money.

And I’m pleased to present them in this edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance (along with my favorite Netflix shows to binge watch).

Editor’s Picks

First, my favorite show of all time:


If you haven’t seen this show yet, cease what you’re doing and watch it.

Now, the editor’s picks. These posts stood out for me among the wonderful posts that were submitted for a number of reasons and I highly recommend that you check them out:

  • Sam from The New Business Blog presents Online Marketing Tips for the Entrepreneur, and says, “We put together a list of some excellent online marketing tips that every entrepreneur can use to build client lists, attract visitors to their websites and increase profits.”
  • Marissa from Thirty Six Months presents Things You Didn’t Know About Fall Fashion, and says, “Are you heading to the mall this fall? Here are some very interesting facts about shopping habits this fall.”
  • Matt Becker from Mom and Dad Money presents Beware the Source of Your Financial Advice, and says, “When it comes to financial advice, there’s so much BS out there and it makes me sick. When it comes down to it, you’re the only one who truly has your best interests at heart. There are people who can help you make your goals a reality, but you have to understand that there are likely even more who are much more interested in simply taking your money and running. And the financial services industry is one of the worst in this respect.”
  • Jason Hull from Hull Financial Planning presents The One Skill You Can Teach Your Children to Potentially Save Them Tens of Thousands of Dollars, and says, “Parents – teach your children this, and it can save them an enormous amount of money when they’re adults.”
  • Adam Kamerer from Stop Worrying About Money presents 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends and Family Who Struggle With Money, and says, “No one likes seeing family or friends struggle under mountains of debt and other financial woes. It is even worse when Christmas rolls around.”


The Rest

Remember, it might not be an editor’s pick but these posts are all worth reading. And the shows are worth watching. I didn’t watch Orange Is the New Black in a weekend because it sucked.

Charlie Hunnam bonus: Undeclared is also on Netflix and he's on that show, too.

Charlie Hunnam bonus: Undeclared is also on Netflix and he’s on that show, too.

Never thought I'd like a Western-type show but it freaking rocks.

Never thought I’d like a Western-type show but it freaking rocks.


The only thing to ever make me enjoy football

No words. Just watch.

No words. Just watch.

Makes a mockery of fantasy football? Sign me up!

Makes a mockery of fantasy football? Sign me up!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a post for this edition of the carnival! It was a pleasure to read all your entries!

And just out of curiosity, what are you currently binge watching?


  1. krantcents

    Thanks for inclusion and hosting, I really appreciate it.
    krantcents recently posted…Are You an Overachiever or Underperformer?My Profile

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  3. Krista

    Thank you for including my post! I appreciate your hosting the carnival.
    Krista recently posted…Don’t Be Afraid of Your Bank: How to Handle Late FeesMy Profile

  4. Matt Becker

    Thanks for the editor’s pick! We just recently cut our cable and will be getting Netflix once we have a working Roku box (hopefully today actually). I’m really looking forward to it, though I’m not sure my productivity feels the same way.
    Matt Becker recently posted…How to Start Investing From Scratch – Part 1My Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      My productivity definitely takes a nosedive some days. It’s okay, though. I make up for it on the other days!

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  12. Buck Inspire

    Cool Netflix theme carnival. I’ve been binging on Breaking Bad. What a show! Still have a few more episodes to go. Thanks for hosting and including me!
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