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Okay, so this linkup is supposed to all of our favorites and things we recommend to our friends in real life. I’m struggling HARD with these rules because I’m not a recommender. I like what I like and assume other people do, too, and unless someone asks, I don’t offer opinions on what they should watch or use or listen to or whatever. I’m all for receiving recommendations, and I have no trouble asking for them, but giving them? Not so much. 

But because I love Lauren (and I’m assuming I’d love Bre, too, if we knew each other but we don’t yet) I dug deep and came up with a list of my favorites (no books are on the list. I KNOW. But everyone is so different that it’s hard for me to give blanket recommendations for books) in a variety of categories and in no particular order (there are no affiliate links. These are just products I love). 

I also want to make a note about cruelty free stuff. I try hard–REALLY HARD–to purchase cruelty free products. Some of the brands at one point did not test on animals and I think now they might but not in the U.S. and I’m so damn confused. I’m all for finding substitutes if they’re available and affordable and if you know of any, please share them. 

Makeup and stuff

  1. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Pricey but worth every damn penny. See also: Too Faced palettes.
  2. Biolage Colorlast shampoo and conditioner. I love my hair and I love the way these products treat my hair so it’s an expense I don’t mind.
  3. OGX Coconut Miracle Oil body lotion.  Smells amazing and you can get it Walgreen’s. Mid-range price.
  4. NYX Butter Gloss. Pretty much the only lip gloss that’s not sticky, that lasts forever, and is crazy affordable. See also: NYX eye liner.
  5. Wet and Wild Under the Sheets makeup remover wipes. My daughter uses these to take off her competition makeup and they are beasts. They remove most of the glitter without a problem, they don’t dissolve or shred, and you can find them anywhere. 
  6. e.l.f. brushes. Cheap, sturdy, excellent.

Food and drink

  1. Starbucks iced unsweetened green tea. I do not like their coffee but I will drink this like nobody’s business.
  2. This recipe for grain free chocolate chip cookies. You can take my flour but you can’t take my cookies.
  3. This recipe for grain free chicken and cashews. So delicious I never order this dish from a restaurant anymore.
  4. Reese’s peanut butter cups. They are my most favoritest ever and if someone ever surprsied me these with these and an iced Starbucks green tea, I would love them forever. 
  5. Ranch chicken tacos. A nice twist on tacos and they take about 9 minutes to make. You mix the taco seasoning and ranch dressing with the cooked chicken and slop into a shell and top with cheddar cheese. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can bake it in the oven for about 5 minutes so the shell doesn’t fall apart. 
  6. A crockpot. Nothing makes me feel like I have my life together more than when I put dinner in the crockpot. 

Everything else

  1. Amazon Smile. A simple way to donate money to charity with stuff I buy anyway.
  2. Josh and His Critters on IG. Tina is the woman behind the account and it’s based on her rescue group which she started a few years ago after rescuing a puppy with the cleft palate. She now rescues the worst of the worst, medically, on death row in various CA shelters and posts all the updates on the dogs (and various other creatures) she’s saved. What she does is amazing and I wish I could donate all the time
  3. Baddiewinkle on IG. Please, if you know what’s good for you, follow this woman if you don’t already. She is my absolute #lifegoals
  4. True Crime Garage, All the Books, Crimetown, and Homecoming for the podcasts. 
  5. Sneaky Pete, Bosch, Goliath on Amazon. Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, House of Cards, OITNB, Stranger Things on Netflix. Better Call Saul, American Crime, Billions, John Oliver, Silicon Valley on all the other TV. Too many documentaries to list. 
  6. These two songs if you’re someone who is inspired and reassured by music:

Needing recommendations

Help on the following, please:

  1. Non-UV gel nail polish. This chipping shit is out of control
  2. Non-true crime or food documentaries. It’s making me not want to ever eat or leave my house again.
  3. Kindle or Kindle paperwhite. My iPad is dying and I’m not sure how much more I can coax it to work. 

So that’s it for this month. I think this is supposed to be a monthly thing but I am so damn boring I don’t see much changing but maybe next month I’ll do a whole one devoted to reading. What do you guys think? Would that be helpful?

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Linking up with Lauren and Bre


  1. Brittany Pines

    I’ll have to check out those IG recs…I almost only follow IRL friends on there.

  2. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    Kindle Paperwhite – you can read in any light with polarized glasses and not have an issue seeing the screen.

    Baddiewhite is adorable.

    +1 for the Better Than Sex mascara

  3. Lauren

    Aww Jana you’re the best! And you would love Bre. Bre met some of my other friends this weekend and they were like “She’s awesome, you have good friends.” I do. Online and IRL 🙂

    Okay so we are also makeup soul sisters because I have and love most of the things you mentioned. The Better than Sex mascara has been on my list for months and I can’t pull the trigger but it’s coming… maybe next time I have a Swagbucks giftcard? Do you have a crockpot pinterest board of things you’ve tried that work? Send it to me please!

    And I have never heard of Baddiewinkle but I just looked and OMG she is amazing. OH and Andrew and I are loving Sneaky Pete. Fell in love with the pilot over the summer and anxiously awaited the premiere but we haven’t finished it yet. And you’re the only one I know who listened to Homecoming! These are all good things. Thank you for playing!

  4. Stephanie

    Stealing your man since 1928!! omg I die, she’s awesome!
    I use the CND Vinylux line, which is their ‘weekly polish’ that’s supposed to last 7 days. I find I get 5 before I get chipping, but with regular nail polish I get 1 or 2, so that’s really good for me!

  5. Audrey

    Ranch chicken tacos sound delicious…
    I use cruelty-free products for cleaning / make-up / body stuff. (Essentially everything except medicine because I’d die.) Your list is almost completely c.f.!
    Checking out the IG pages now. (I follow so many animal ones… I don’t know how much longer I can keep out dog total at 2…)
    Have you seen the documentary “Happy”? I found it pretty interesting.
    Audrey recently posted…Confessions Plus Some…My Profile

  6. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    100% support for the crockpot! i love mine so much

  7. Rebecca Jo

    I love Amazon smile. I donate to the animal sanctuary. What a cool thing they do.
    YES to the iced green tea. That’s what you’ll find me getting all summer long.
    I need a good mascara – I need to check out your recommend

  8. Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders

    I don’t know what I’d do without my Crockpot! I’m with you on feeling so much put together if I have something cooking at home while I’m conquering a busy day!

  9. Nadine

    I love so many things on your list! Anything Too Faced is my jam, love the NYX lip butters, biolage color shampoo, Starbucks, crock pots. Yes to it all! I will have to check out these two recipes you shared, they sound delicious!

  10. Allison

    I’d do a post like this but I basically use the same products and things ALL THE TIME so I wouldn’t be able to post more than one of these. #BoringHuman

  11. Heather Lockhart

    I’m gonna need those makeup remover wipes. I prefer wipes over liquid face wash for traveling, so I’ll give those a shot!

    You mentioned your love for American Crime several time awhile back, and I finally binged it. SO good. Unbelievably good. Ready for the next season!

  12. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    I am going to check out that lip gloss. I used to be more a traditional lipstick kind of gal but as I grow older, I find them a bit harsh on me. I’ve heard so many great things about Sneaky Pete! I bought a regular old Kindle last July because I had the Amazon/Apple money and it fully covered the cost and free was what I could afford at the moment. But if you budget allows it, I would go with the Paperwhite. The light is a nice added feature, especially if you like to read in bed. No getting up to turn off the light!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…Connection is My Focus Word and Goal for 2017My Profile

  13. texerinsydney

    I get Amazon money for Christmas from the family, and I just got e.l.f. make-up brushes, so I’m glad to see you recommend them.
    I enjoy Ranch chicken tacos as well.
    Thank you for introducing me to Baddiewinkle. She is my new role model.
    Sixx A.M.’s Rise – yes!
    I like documentaries, but nothing is jumping in my head to recommend. I’ll think on that one and let you know. Oh, Artifact was super interesting, and it’s about music, and you like music. I mean, yea, I knew the music industry was fucked up, but it reinforced it. Plus, I got to look at Jared Leto onscreen for a while, and that’s not a bad thing in my book.
    texerinsydney recently posted…Add it to my list: vol.1My Profile

  14. ShootingStarsMag

    Essie has gel polish that’s not UV. You just have to use the top coat with it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to soon! Yes, you should do a recommendation list for books. I think people can make their own decision if it sounds right for them. 🙂

    I am reassured by music! I really need to listen to those songs. As for your question about Kindle – I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I really love it!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Currently: What We’re Reading + Add It To My ListMy Profile

  15. Bre

    Fun fact. My mom’s name is Jana so yes all the love.
    I love love love love Mozart in the Jungle so I was going to try Sneaky Pete cause I figure Amazon might be fine. I’m gonna check it out. Probably this weekend. Probably in binge form.

  16. Christina

    Oh man, I totally forgot to participate in this! I’m gonna look for those makeup remover wipes! And I keep forgetting to start Sneaky Pete! Maybe tonight. I have a Kindle and the old school Simple Touch Nook and the Nook is what I prefer to read on. I think it’s similar to the Paperwhite.

  17. Alyssa

    Have loved e.l.f.’s studio brushes line for years, they’re so great and you can’t beat the price! I have a couple NYX Butter Glosses too, they’re the only gloss I’ll wear.

    Peanut better cups are the best candy in existence. Good enough that I can’t even keep them in my house.

    I love the Essie Gel top coat. It gives me at least 5 more days without chips, even longer if I use a regular top coat first and then the gel top coat. Highly recommend. Also, I got a Paperwhite for Christmas to replace my dying iPad (that I only used anymore for the Kindle app) and I am in love. Great for commuting, perfect size, and most importantly the backlight lets me read in the dark without a lamp. Highly recommend.
    Alyssa recently posted…How to Move to New York CityMy Profile

  18. Micah @ Unabashedly Me

    I might need more specifics on that ranch chicken tacos recipe.


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