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Weekly six-pack, v20

I don’t even know if I can fill up 6 categories this week but we’ll try.  Again, I’m not touching the horrendous dumpster fire of our government because I still just can’t.

Reading. A Brief History of Seven Killings. Picked up nothing from the library but added Artemis to the ever expanding NetGalley queue. Thanks to everyone who participated in SUYB. Next one is August 8.

Watching. Well, hate watching. American Ninja Warrior. This show makes me crazy and the announcers are obnoxious and the sideline “reporter” is a fucking idiot but my family enjoys this show so I watch and snark the whole time.

Buying. Things on Amazon prime day. Pre-ordered the newest Kopp sisters, bought some Babysitter’s Club books for the child, and a neck pillow for our painfully long drive to Myrtle Beach next week. Thought about getting some other things but I get purchase paralysis and always wind up not getting anything frivolous. I don’t know how to make this stop. 

Loving. That my kid went to camp this week. Even if it was just in the afternoons it was the best money I’ll spend all summer. It was good for all of us. 

Not loving. My dog’s new need to go outside EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at like 1AM. He’s old so I know he can’t help it but good lord is it annoying. And he does it even if he gets a walk before bed. 


Have a great weekend and week! I’ll see y’all when I get back from vacation!


  1. Nadine

    I didn’t manage to don anything I needed from the Prime sale. I think the same thing happened last year for me. I hope you guys have a great vacation!!!!

  2. Linda Sheridan

    Amazon is awesome. We order so much. I just ordered this little straw broom that will be perfect to sweep
    Up tree debris around our pool. My Stephanie had one at her shore house for sweeping sand on the porch.
    Have an awesome weekend ❣️
    Love, Steph’s Momma

  3. Lauren

    Purchase paralysis is a great term. I think nothing of going to buy dinner or something but a $10 thing of pens and I can’t click buy. Have a great vacation!

  4. Kay

    The angry alpaca haha.

    I wish I had purchase paralysis. that would save me some money. Have a great vacation!

  5. Rebecca Jo

    I’ll think of you, you think of me – my dog’s middle of the night pee is like every 3 hours now. He’s nearly 17 years old – & totally blind – so how do I tell him to hold it. & with him being blind, I’m having to leash him & walk out in the wet grass a few times a night. Needless to say, I have dark circles under my eyesfrom the lack of sleep. These dogs. gotta love ’em

  6. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    I love the angry alpaca. I wouldn’t know what to do either. LOL! I avoided Amazon on Prime Day because I didn’t need anything but I knew the temptation would be too much! Purchase paralysis is sadly something that rarely afflicts me. 😀 Have a great weekend!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…Things I Just Don’t UnderstandMy Profile

  7. Audrey

    That meme!! 😀

    I got a comforter on Prime Day and then made myself log off. Lol
    Our dogs are NOT old and every once in a while they get on this schedule of needing to go out at 3am for nights in a row. NOT OK, GUYS.
    Audrey recently posted…Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach…My Profile

  8. Laura

    Cracking up at that pic. And yes to Amazon Prime Day!

  9. SMD

    Hope you’re having a great vacation!

  10. texerinsydney

    Welp, that “watching” comment made me laugh because Australian Ninja Warrior just started here for the first time. I don’t want to watch, but I do…as in, it is on the tv right now as I type this.

  11. Christina

    I love that she’s into Babysitter’s Club! I only bought some books for the kids and an Echo on Prime Day. I wanted a lot more, but my bank account didn’t. Hope you’re having/had a great trip! My one and only time in Myrtle Beach it rained. Boo.


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