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Weekly six-pack, 2017, v25

Not much to report this week. Which I like.

Reading. ARC of Grist Mill Road (why not actually read one before it releases?) and The Locals. Two because one is an ebook and sometimes I need a screen break. Nothing from the library or NetGalley.

Watching. Random shows all over the place and nothing consistently. I think I went 3 days without turning on the TV for me (I watched the American Ninja Warrior finale under duress). I did watch the Emmys. Mixed feelings on the Sean Spicer thing but hooray for all the history making!

Eating. Cookie butter Oreos. You must eat them, too. It’s a moral imperative.

Raging. Just when it seemed like fucking 45 was going to act like a human, he goes and acts just like himself again. From the golf ball gif to failing to recognize or show any sympathy for Mexico and Puerto Rico (and we all know exactly why, too) to the Rocket Man nonsense (so it’s okay to quote a gay man but not okay to make sure they have rights? Got it) and everything else he continues to do, I don’t even know what to do with myself some days. I can’t even rationally address the health care situation. I have never in my life had less respect for a person or been more afraid for my and my country’s safety.

Loving. Bagels. Not like I can eat them but I wanted to profess my love anyway.


Have a great weekend guys! See you on Tuesday!


  1. Audrey

    The lack of support and love and assistance being show to Mexico makes me rage. Especially after they came to the aid of Texas within HOURS. I can’t fucking stand that piece of shit in the white house.

    I don’t care for Oreos but this cookie butter flavor has me very, very curious…
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  2. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    hahah the directions..omg that’s me. Please just use words like “straight, right, left”.

  3. Stephanie

    hahaha the directions one. I’m good with directions but I know other people aren’t so I tell them things like ‘if you see the lake, you went the wrong way’ and ‘turn left at the Aldi.’
    Stephanie recently posted…I’m The Kind of Person WhoMy Profile

  4. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    Ok I have to admit I don’t get the “east” joke. Of course i’m going on 5 days of super crappy sleep, so with that said I can admit I’ve been avoiding most news to not make my sleep worse. I am watching Everwood right now. I have no idea what made me want to watch it. I think I was curious about Chris Pratt’s acting back then. He has aged rather well!

  5. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    The initial shock and surprise of Spicer’s appearance made it funny but I’m not laughing so much now. I’m also disappointed in Colbert who I really enjoyed. Now when I see him make biting (and true) comments about 45, they are not as effective. It’s one thing to invite Spicer to his show and make him answer some hard questions. It’s another to embrace him, which was what Sunday night was. But a big YES to all the history making. That was phenomenal, although also WTF. No woman director has won in 19 years. No person of Asian descent has EVER won?

    Emperor Baby Fists is a moron.

    People tell me to turn East or West and I’m like left or right. 😀 I am also 100% that last meme. Sadly, I almost always spill something on my boobs!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…DIY Coconut Aloe Vera Shaving GelMy Profile

  6. Nadine

    Cookie butter Oreos is a thing???? I think I just died a little. I have to laugh at the spilling food on my boobs, happens all the time over here. And why do people insist on using east and west whilst giving directions? Just no. I need a left at the tall building with the weird roof or something. Let’s face it, I can’t read street signs anymore during the day when I am wearing sunglasses and not my reading glasses.

  7. Rebecca Jo

    I just cant make myself watch award shows lately. It’s always irritated me watching celebrities applaud one another for being celebrities. & now, everything is so political – its not even fun & enjoyable anymore.

    I am just sitting shaking my head all week at our president. so embarassing.

  8. Elizabeth

    Cookie butter oreos … just when I was getting tired of all the new flavors of Oreos (I’m a purist – keep the original), I’m pretty sure these will be in my cart on the next grocery run. AND just when I was gearing up to be determined to try to possibly eat healthier sooner than later. Yep.

    I just can’t deal with 95% of the stuff coming out of DC right now – which makes it even worse because what might be going on right under our noses but no one is paying attention because of the hyuge distraction playing front and center.

    At least it’s Friday …

  9. Kay

    That airport quote might be the most accurate thing ever.

    I have never seen or heard of cookie butter oreos but it sounds amazing.

  10. Confuzzled Bev

    LOL, at the directions one. Google maps directions always says things like “head East on X road” and I’m thinking “how am I supposed to know which way is East? I don’t carry a frigging compass around!”
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