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Weekly six pack, 2017, v19

Quick apology. I know I’m not addressing the horrifying events going on in my country (see: the Philando Castile verdict, Nabra Hassanen, Charleena Lyles #saytheirnames or Missouri SB5 or all the health care bullshit just to name a few things) because I can’t. I simply can’t. Not without setting everything around me ablaze from rage a la Firestarter. I have so many thoughts and feelings and opinions and if I start, I won’t be able to stop. So it’s not that I don’t care. I care probably too much and maybe one day I’ll be able to sort it all out into cohesive thoughts. 

And now, the other stuff. 

Reading. Since We Fell. Picked up The Dinner and Everything Everything from the library (finally!). Got approved for a new NetGalley book that I probably won’t get around to until 4 years after it’s pub date. 

Watching. Nothing new but finishing up Bloodline and season 4 of Orphan Black and Fargo and waiting for Snowfall to start next month (that sounds weird but if you don’t know what the show is, it’s about the beginnings of crack).

Eating. Shrimp with zoodles and pesto. I genuinely have to stop myself from eating it 3 times a day.

Wanting. This tank top, if I wore tank tops. A friend from the gym found it and shared in on my FB and it’s very reflective of how much things have changed for me over the last 9 months. 

Wondering. Why the hell people feel the need to gossip and spread rumors about shit they know nothing about. I get it’s for your own sick enjoyment but really, leave me and my kid out of it. Because if you’re talking about us, you must be REALLY FUCKING BORED. Also, if you want to know why she missed a practice, FUCKING ASK ME. Don’t wonder aloud to people who don’t know us or make up stories. To quote Pink, I’m not here for your entertainment. The people who need to know know and if you don’t, then clearly you’re not one of those people. So shut the fuck up.

Loving. The person I drove behind with a “Ruth is the Truth” bumper sticker. Because as well all know, she is. 

That’s it for this week. Hope you guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday with my recommendations!



  1. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    People have WAY too much time on their hands that they have to gossip and talk shit. It’s really annoying; just ask FFS.

  2. Brittany Pines

    That first paragraph is my life right now. Blah. I am still trying to write or fax (thanks, Resistbot) my representatives. Not sure what the gossip thing is about, but just that paragraph sounds rage inducing. Hope people SHUT IT and soon.

  3. Rebecca Jo

    I hate rumors & gossip & all the gab gab gab people can do when it doesnt even involve them. People just dont get to focus on their own lives. Mercy.

    THAT TANK!!! YES!!!!!!!!

    Oh girl – I know we’re not talking about it – but this health insurance thing has me literally sick to my stomach… & God knows I better not need to go to the doctor about it. All in all, I’ll have no options for health insurance come 2018. WONDERFULLLLLLL> Is this America? It’s not looking like it lately

  4. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    I just feel sick to my stomach about everything in your first paragraph too. Some days (every day) it’s just too much to process in any coherent manner.

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that I just got approved for Amy Stewart’s latest book on our favorite lady cop. They only had it available for longest time as a wish or something like that, which was a terrible tease! So just in case you didn’t know … go request it!

    Every time I see a Snowfall promo, I start jamming out to Run-DMC. Looking forward to seeing the show too. Sorry about the gossip. So freaking annoying. The zoodles sound really good. I don’t have a spiralizer but seriously thinking about getting one. You really like the zoodles that much? And Hell yes – Ruth is the Truth. We need her more than ever.

    Have a great weekend!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…10 Delicious Recipes to Enjoy this SummerMy Profile

  5. Lauren

    So many things on this post. I miss you when I’m away from Blogland.

    1) Excited for you to read Everything, Everything because while it kept me interested, there was a whole ‘nother layer to it that just left me going wtf.
    2) Saw the premiere of Snowfall at the TV festival I went to and it was really good! The main kid character is charming and British IRL which you will not believe while watching the show. His American accent is fantastic.
    3) I have a Ruth is the Truth sticker up in my office that I stole from a former coworker. With a cartoon RBG. Love it so much.

    I can’t even understand the world right now. So many bad things that it’s hard to keep track. I don’t ever know where to start.

  6. SMD

    Cheer moms best not step!

    I went on a library and netgalley request spree late at night and now I’m reaping the rewards like someone sprawled out in a pile of books. To be fair, I am leaving for vacation soon-ish so it’s like preparation.

  7. Linda Sheridan

    Jmj on the gossipers. I agree on just not commenting on what’s going on. I am buying shrimp this week❣️
    I need to try zoodles.
    Thank the universe for A/C and fans. I only wish the
    Humidity could make my fat cells shrink.
    Goddess speed for a glorious weekend.
    Love, Steph’s Momma

  8. Audrey

    Oof- gossip and drama is not my thing. Fair warning to those who try to drag me into it. Sorry you’re dealing with that shit.

    That tank top is cute. There are so many cute, witty workout tank tops out there… but I don’t workout. Lol
    Audrey recently posted…Summer Goals (because spring was a bust…)My Profile

  9. Laura

    Ugh gossip is the worst. Why do people do that?!

  10. Christina

    Really with the gossip? That’s really terrible to deal with at any age, but we’re adults now! I’m excited for Snowfall too! If I were a bumper sticker kind of person, that Ruth one would be my first.


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