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This week in…: Volume 22

It’s a slow week with my trip to New York but let’s hit some of the highlights.

this week

This week in reading…Still reading The Long Home, finished Hidden Bodies and The Husband’s Secret and picked up 7 new books including Dirty Rush, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, and The Rosie Effect. I’m about to build a book fort and never come out because I refuse to accept that there’s not enough time to read everything I want.

This week in TV…did you guys know Christian Slater has a new show, Mr. Robot? I didn’t until 2 days ago. I don’t know that I’ll watch it but it warms my 16 year old heart to know he’s still employed.

This week in projects…I want to do something more with my bookworm series. Podcast, perhaps? Would you guys listen or be guests? Also still working on my book and while this is the first draft and it’s a disaster, I think it’s got potential. And I never say that about my work.

This week in what the hell…Makeup shaming. To quote John Oliver, how is this a thing? But it is and I love the ladies all over Instagram and YouTube who are responding to the bullshit of makeup shaming by only making up half their faces. Ladies (and gentlemen), if you want to wear makeup, go ahead and do it. Whatever reasons you have, those are your reasons and no one, I mean NO ONE, has the right to tell you otherwise. Wear as much or as little as you want in whatever colors you want and if it makes you happy, then fuck everyone else’s opinion. Especially some douchecanoe on the internet. He’s probably jealous of your smoky eye skills anyway.

This week in internet reads…Anyone want to take a road trip with me to this town in upstate New York that has 6 bookstores? In light of Nick’s interview yesterday, there’s this interesting article about men and work-life balance. This post from The Bloggess because she’s often much better at saying things than I am (although I don’t get the requests to share like she does because, let’s face it, she’s WAY more famous than I am. In fact, famous and I have never met). And, finally, this crazy story about an American fugitive living in Australia (but now he’s actually dead).

This week in funnies…start chugging lady


Have a great weekend! I’ll be back here Monday with something profound and witty. Or utter nonsense. Definitely one of those. 

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  1. Linda sheridan

    Love the e cards. I love little book stores!
    There was a great one in Pittsburgh when I was there for one of Stephen’s college games.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love, Steph’s Momma

    1. Jana (Post author)

      I love small, independent bookstores. We don’t have many around here. Or any, actually. Makes me sad.

  2. kathy @ real talk

    straight up, people are bored/have nothing else better to do with their lives if they react to all this whatever-shaming by the interwebs. fat shaming, skinny shaming, makeup shaming….how about you just get your panties out of a wad and oh, i don’t know — IGNORE IT and move on with your life? if you no likey, then don’t read that shit and move the fuck on (you = general public; not you my lovely jana)
    kathy @ real talk recently posted…this week’s happenings [6-26]My Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      HAHA–I knew what you meant 🙂

      I really don’t get why people are so bothered by this kind of stuff. If people want to wear makeup, and pounds of it, who cares? Are they making you wear it? No? Then STFU.

  3. Kati Rose

    I was watching iRobot and got SO excited when I thought I saw Christian Slater at the beginning. When it came around and it was him I was definitely happy. I’m curious about his character. I think I like the premise of the show – it’s kind of odd but original.
    Kati Rose recently posted…Suns Out, Songs OutMy Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      I don’t even know what the show is about. It just makes me happy that he has a job. I had a huge crush on him as a kid/teenager.

  4. Ali A

    UGH, why is makeup shaming a thing? That should not be a thing. Just read that post from The Bloggess — damn. Heavy is the head that wears the crown; nobody needs that kind of pressure!
    Ali A recently posted…R(s)OTDMy Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      I truly want to know who these people are that spend so much time worrying about what others are doing. I genuinely don’t give a shit. As long as it doesn’t directly affect me, I could not care less.

      I can’t imagine that kind of pressure. It’s not fair to her, especially not with all the good she does.

  5. Kellli

    I hear the first draft is suppose to be a disaster the point is getting a first draft done. You can do it and with some work it will be great!
    Kellli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 6/26My Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      My first draft is a trainwreck. But it’s getting done! That’s all that matters at this point (which is what I tell myself daily).

  6. Amber

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Yes, sometimes it still hits me with a start that I’M the adult. I’m like, “Crap!”
    Amber recently posted…Inside Natalie’s Closet: A 4th Of July Outfit From The Children’s Place!My Profile

    1. Jana (Post author)

      I genuinely don’t know how I’ve become the adult in some situations. It’s frightening.

  7. Nadine

    Fat shaming, skinny shaming, make up shaming? What is wrong with people?!?! I am sure that your book is going to be super awesome, duh! How could it not be?? I have always thought about doing a podcast…but then I am like…who wants to listen to me? Probably no one haha. Also, fuck that shit is a perfectly lady like word in my world and um where is the adult? Surely not me, nope. Have a great weekend!
    Nadine recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  8. Kerry

    I am ready to build a book fort too. So many books so little time! The first draft is the hardest but after a few edits the magic will happen! That last meme is amazing!!
    Kerry recently posted…Favorites | Weekend Here We ComeMy Profile

  9. Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand

    I want a book fort too! I spent about half an hour today making lists, comparing to my goodreads lists, and my book challenges lists, and my library search, waiting list, and reserves. All to develop a strategy of the next few books to read.

    Makeup shaming?? I missed this. Ain’t nobody gonna shame me for that!
    Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand recently posted…Friday Favorites Someecard EditionMy Profile

  10. Julia @ Grace Makes New

    Hahaha makeup shaming?? Really, this is what we’re going to spend our time and energy on? If people want to wear makeup, let them wear makeup! Who cares?? Ummm a book fort sounds amazing, I want one now. Happy weekend!
    Julia @ Grace Makes New recently posted…Friday Favorites: Summer Beauty FindsMy Profile

  11. Laura

    I feel the same way about the makeup article! Let people do what they want! What’s next, saying people can’t wear nice clothes or style their hair? Crazy!
    Laura recently posted…all’s well that ends wellMy Profile

  12. Emma @EverEmma

    I’m sick of all the shaming in general! Do these people not have anything else better to do than worry about my makeup or how big my thigh gap is? Sad! I would LOVE a book fort and a weekend full of reading books.
    Emma @EverEmma recently posted…How We Wore It | Keepin’ It CasualMy Profile

  13. lisacng @ expandng.com

    Makeup shaming? I did NOT know it was a thing. Some people have nothing else better to do…
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…My life in numbersMy Profile

  14. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    What the fuck is makeup shaming? People are fucking insane.
    SMD @ Life According to Steph recently posted…Take me to the seaMy Profile


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