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Things I’m too tired to do

And by “tired”, I really mean “too old to care, too indifferent to make the time, and too focused on other things to bother”:

  • Learn another social media. Snapchat, Anchor, Periscope…God knows what else is out there. I’m happy with my Twitter and IG and FB when I remember and honestly, even that’s too much most days.
  • Care what other people are doing with their free time. Do whatever makes you happy, I’ll do what makes me happy and we’ll all move along. 
  • Compare anything about me to anything about you. Especially our kids. Parenting should not be a competitive sport and if it is, count me out because I hate playing competitive sports. 
  • FOMO. Is that even still a thing? Because I don’t pay attention to slang. But I truly have no fear of missing out. If I miss it, I miss it. Except the Oscars the other night. I had to stay up to see if I lived in a world where Leonardo DiCaprio won an Academy Award.
  • How much you hustle, especially if you try to make me feel bad because I don’t do it enough. Hustling is exhausting. It requires a ton of energy and brain power and all that and I don’t care to spend my whole life doing it. So let me be.
  • If your kid took a shit on the toilet for the first time. #sorrynotsorry. I’m too worried about my own bathroom habits and have zero fucks left to give for your potty training toddler. I mean, I’m happy for you because diapers suck but that’s where my ability to care ends.
  • Trendy fashion. At this point in my life, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. No need to try anything new. 
  • Friend drama. If you’re causing me drama, we’re not going to be friends. 

You know what I’m not too tired or indifferent to care about? This presidential election. I’m not going to go off on a whole tangent about one particular candidate or candidates but I will say that it saddens me to see what our political system has become. That these options are the best the parties have to offer. That no one qualified and decent is stepping forward, that name recognition and money mean more than credentials, and that voters are willing to ignore major character flaws (and I mean MAJOR) and not demand better. That it’s become a student council election run on promises of less homework and more vacation time instead of who’s the most qualified and strongest person to run the most powerful country in the world. That a Supreme Court justice dies and it’s another platform plank or point of contention instead of showing respect for the highest fucking court we have (now, don’t get me wrong. Supreme Court nominations are always contentious between the parties but what’s going on with Scalia’s seat is a huge steaming pile of bullshit). That the candidates are so divisive and are driving a wedge even deeper into society rather than working to heal some very large, very open, very sore wounds. 

And then there’s this. 

When almost no one is happy with ANY of the nominees, there’s a problem. Usually you can find one and you’re like, you know what? I can live with this for the next 4 years. Republican, Democrat, Independent…doesn’t matter. It might not be the person you want (and, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain) but you can deal with it. But that’s not happening this time. No, for this election, it’s more of a “well, this person gets my vote because they suck the least according to my own beliefs and let’s hope they don’t fuck it up” attitude. It’s not agreeing with a candidate’s views or policies. It’s disagreeing with them the least.

It’s fine to work for a boss like that. When it’s the person running your country, though, that’s something entirely different.


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  1. Linda sheridan

    Agree on all! It’s surreal in a bad way about the election! There is TMI about practically everything these days. Over kill! There are lessons in all of this, I believe. Lights and Angels extra. I had a bad dream about people/kids being homeless last night. A cue to give more to Steph and Mike Doyles sleep out for Covenant House. Homeless kids and teens should not be. Counting my blessings. Love. Steph’s. Momma.

  2. Kristin

    Oh the FOMO. I care so little for the idea of missing out. This was really only a concern up until I was about 23 years old.
    As for the political candidates, I don’t talk about politics simply because there’s no one to talk about. I know who I don’t want to be president. It’s hard to figure out who I DO want to be president.
    My coworker talks about snapchat a lot and I just can’t bring myself to care. I have Periscope but only use it to watch live Pilates workouts. New technology is my least favorite thing. I’m always a year behind everyone else.

  3. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    I absolutely HATE when people act like they don’t have time for politics. You fucking live here! These are the people that decide how your life is on a high level – your ability to earn and be happy and afford things – get a clue. This is important.

    But your other things, yes, I don’t have time for them either. If one more person is like “I just got snapchat! Follow me” I will cut a bitch. Don’t have it, not getting it, can’t even keep up with Twitter and I get NOTIFICATIONS from that. No.
    SMD @ Life According to Steph recently posted…Thursday Thoughts – Marchy March MarchyMy Profile

  4. Heather @ I do what I want.

    I think the real root of the problem re: politics is how “compromise” has become a bad word, so we have a hard time getting levelheaded candidates. Also, ignorant people reproduce at alarming rates.
    Heather @ I do what I want. recently posted…Cowtown 10KMy Profile

    1. Femme Frugality

      I think the problem is that not enough people vote in primaries… Only those with super extreme opinions. Thus we end up picking between 2 extreme candidates each and every time, and our legislative branch screeches to a halt.
      Femme Frugality recently posted…5 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Your Next Family Road TripMy Profile

  5. Revanche

    Oooh yes, all of these things. I’m so glad that I’ve stuck with just the blog and Twitter. I’m happy with them and don’t need three more apps and ways to record my face and voice.
    I’ll learn some basics about the other crap when the kid is old enough to be interested so I know, as a parent, what I need to know but other than that, nooo thank you.

    This election, hoy. I’m not sure that I’m reassured knowing that elections in the past have been just as contentious and terrible but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Otherwise, it sure sounds to me like you know who you are and what you’re going to spend time on. That’s good! 🙂
    Revanche recently posted…Just a little (link) love: babies and twins editionMy Profile

  6. Mackenzie

    Agree with every single word you wrote. End of story. #preach
    Mackenzie recently posted…Spend Now Or Spend LaterMy Profile

  7. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    we’re on the same wave length…i have a similar post.

    also, i had to google FOMO lol

  8. Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders

    I completely agree with you that none of the candidates that are running are actually worthy of the White House. My husband and I were having a conversation in the car after Super Tuesday about how we’re both legitimately scared for the future of our country. And the candidates are doing nothing but tearing each other apart, which of course, doesn’t help anybody! It just sucks all the way around!
    Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

  9. kristen

    i had to stay up and watch Leo win as well. and then i was really tired the next day and mad about being tired haha.
    that ecard is spot on. it’s scary. i don’t understand how it ended up like this and i hope this is rock bottom, and we can only go up from here. i hope.
    okay with the kids shitting… i don’t understand people saying it, but i really REALLY don’t understand people posting or sending me photos. WTF i don’t want to see anyone on the toilet thank you, adult or 3 year old. NO thanks.

  10. Ali A

    Don’t get me started on the election. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Hillary fan; I don’t think she’s perfect but I find her poised, smart and definitely qualified and experienced enough for the job. I can’t even begin to speak about the circus and Jerry Springer-esque candidates on the other side. Sigh.

    I’m also too tired and ambivalent to care about the other stuff you mentioned. Life’s too short and we can’t get caught up in petty BS.
    Ali A recently posted…#ROTD: Volume 17My Profile

  11. alyssa

    Oh jeez, what the shit is Anchor? I’ve already decided hell no on Periscope, accidentally got sucked into Snapchat… and I think I’m done. It’s only for personal though; I’m not using Snapchat for the damn blog. But why is there another one now??
    Re: Hustling. Yes. We’ve talked about it and are in full agreement…just yes.
    Totally, totally agree on the whole political landscape. Although I will say that I do have one candidate I like and believe in very much…but there should at very least be one on each side people (with brains) feel like wouldn’t be an utter disaster as the leader of the free world. It’s nauseating and terrifying to realize that so many people voting are so short-sighted that they can’t understand the massive repercussions of the political climate they’re building. Hint, people: it’s not all about us, or you individually. Think before you vote. It may very well be that we end up picking between the lesser of two evils, but one evil is seriously, seriously fucking evil, and absolutely dangerous.
    alyssa recently posted…What’s Happening!My Profile

  12. Amber

    Oh I hate friend drama. And politics. I’m for Bernie.

    I don’t get Snapchat. People keep telling me to sign up and I’m like, “no.”
    Amber recently posted…Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Library Books That Reek Of Cigarette SmokeMy Profile

  13. Kelli

    Friend drama when we’re almost 40? Just no.

    I care about the election but I’m over listening to the candidates, the news about them, and people talking about them on Social Media. If people would just get informed about FACTS and stop listening to what some politician says maybe things would work out but I don’t have a ton of hope at this point. The ignorance of America is amazing.
    Kelli recently posted…Sea La Vie – 3/4My Profile

  14. Brittany Pines

    AMEN to the political rant. COULD NOT AGREE MORE. In the past I’ve though “Eh I don’t like this person” but this year is a freakin’ joke. It’s kind of terrifying.

  15. Nadine

    Ugh that ecard couldn’t be more true!!!! There is literally no one that I want to vote for. I missed out on super Tuesday because a tornado was trying to come through here when it was time to leave to go vote and to be honest….I wasn’t even settled on who I was going to pick because I really dont like anyone. I couldn’t agree with you more on what you said. I really don’t care what people are doing on their free time, I know for me TV shows, reading, blogging and dogs take up most of mine and it makes me happy. What else matters?!?!
    Nadine recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  16. Femme Frugality

    Dear Lord I’ve been trying so hard not to post about the elections. It hurts my heart, and also scares the living shiiii out of me. We’ve let our political system turn into reality TV. So maybe we as a society deserve it. For not demanding more. But I wish we would.
    Femme Frugality recently posted…5 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Your Next Family Road TripMy Profile

  17. TexErin

    I snapchat. Not much. But some. I don’t even know what Periscope and Anchor are.

    I didn’t know what FOMO meant until you just told me. Guess I missed out.

    I must say, one of the perks of moving so far away from your closest and dearest, you remove yourself from friend drama. I actually heard there was drama surrounding me after I left, but fuck, I didn’t care, I was so far away, I could just mute it from my life.
    TexErin recently posted…Fur kids are family tooMy Profile

  18. Christina

    YES to all of these. I got on Snapchat recently to follow a comedian and have no idea how it works. I haven’t been back on it in a week. I don’t even know what Anchor is!? I CAN NOT with potty training posts and pictures. I also don’t have FOMO anymore. I was the first of my group of friends to have kids so I did for a year or two after Nolan was born, but I’m way over it. I make time for the people and things I want to do and don’t care about the rest. I’m always in tune with current events and politics, but I gave up on posting about it a long time ago. I can’t handle the way people discuss and debate anymore.
    Christina recently posted…Latest NetGalley ReadsMy Profile

  19. lisacng @ expandng.com

    Oh man, the photo is absolutely correct. Hopefully a third-party nominee shows up. But then I hope that person is also worth a vote instead of “I hate the other 2 candidates”.
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Five on FridayMy Profile


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