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This week in…: Volume 9

this week

This week in everything that sucks…You know those weeks where everything bad seems to happen all at once? That was this week for me. Not only did I get unexpectedly sick with a cold that came from no where and won’t go away, my husband’s teaching job decided to cut his pay for one class more than we expected due to enrollment, and if you saw this face on Instagram the other day, you know my dog, Barkley, ruptured his ACL on Tuesday chasing after the mail truck. And guess who doesn’t get to see The Breakfast Club in the theater for its 30th anniversary? That’s right. ME. All the rage.

This is the night it happened, right before he got his pain pill. Such a sad face.

This is the night it happened, right before he got his pain pill. Such a sad face.

This week in unexpected blessings…Barkley’s injury was way less serious than it could have been. He didn’t break anything, he doesn’t need surgery, and because he’s so small, once the rupture heals, he can function just fine (with maybe a little limp). Also, my in-laws are watching the dogs this weekend, for free, while we’re in Atlantic City for a cheer competition, we’ve been getting Showtime for free since the beginning of the month and continuing until the end of May, and I created a tasty recipe for iced coffee using the coffee beans I don’t like. No waste FTW!

This week in nostalgia…Better Than Ezra is touring with Uncle Kracker, Eve 6, and Sugar Ray. I got to have lunch with Steph from Life According to Steph (it had been 15 years since the last time we saw each other! Crazy that it had been that long and, for those who don’t know, Steph and I were friends in college. Like, all 4 years of it). I have been listening to my iPod with its vast library of songs I had forgotten about. And also reading this list of the best 80s showsfunniest-memes-quotes-ever-53

This week in reading…I have been reading Jo Nesbo’s The Son for a week now. Ordinarily an eBook takes me only a few days but this book is so long (just shy of 500 pages) and there are a plethora of characters and plotlines that my brain gets dizzy and I have to put it down. That said, it’s an interesting book. Full review coming on 4/7 for the next Show Us Your Books linkup (not 4/14 as previously stated). Not sure what I’ll pick up next as I have 5 books on my nightstand. Probably whichever one has the closest due date.

This week in things I don’t give a shit about…the guy leaving One Direction. I didn’t know which one he was, I had to look it up, and there is no conceivable way I could care less. The X-Files returning to TV. March Madness. 

This week in internet reading…In a similar vein to the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account, there was this post from Book Riot on 14 Days as a Public Transit Reading Spy. I love the variety in what people choose to read! As someone who spends a good part of each day listening to music, I found this piece on the scientific effect music has on your every day life to be fascinating. And as someone who used to be great about managing her time but currently sucks a fat one at it, I enjoyed this article about the 7 core beliefs of extraordinary time managers

This week in funnyfunny-medal-award-winner-angry ramsay

Have a great weekend! Hope you get to do something fun or relaxing! 

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This week in…: Volume 7

First, thank you all for your comments, feedback, and general awesomeness on Wednesday’s post. It showed everything that’s awesome about the blogger community and why I love it so much. Because even when you feel like you’re alone, you’re really not. 

That said, let’s move on to this week’s recap.

this week

This week in frugaling…I’ve recently started drinking coffee on a few days a week basis and because I’m cheap, I usually make it at home. I bought some Starbucks coffee grounds (which I do not like) but I did learn that I not only can get a little star on my rewards card from buying it but I can get a free tall coffee when the bag is empty so it’s like getting half my money back. On another note, does anyone know what to do with coffee beans you don’t like? I’m inclined to throw them out but it seems like a waste.

This week in reading…Last week I finished The Martian (LOVED IT and I am so glad I bowed to Kristen’s peer pressure to read it), moved on to Dan Harris’s 10% Happier, finished that and now I’m reading Jo Nesbo’s The Son. I also picked up Mobile Library by David Whitehouse and now have enough books to get me through until next month’s Show Us Your Books linkup on April 14th. Mark it down.

This week in TV watching…I binge watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and while I generally cannot tolerate Jane Krakowski (although I’ll admit, towards the last few episodes, my tolerance level increased), the show is awesome (edit: it took me a few episodes to get into but once I did, I enjoyed it. Like Parks and Rec, I’m glad I didn’t quit on it) and Ellie Kemper is spectacular. Casting her could not have been a better choice. And speaking of Netflix shows, Bloodline releases TODAY and since I have a major crush on Kyle Chandler, I’m thrilled the show is finally here (and thanks to Tonya for the heads up all those months ago about the show).


This week in parenting…Not only did I finally order a very sparkly cheer mom shirt (which, thanks to very poor word placement, I have to implement the Downy trick to stretch out the material) but I actually remembered to text one of her friend’s moms to schedule a play date, I let her sleep in bed with me after she had a nightmare (the husband was out of town for a few days so there was room) despite my strict “no child in the bed” rule, she put her laundry away without being reminded, and I learned she’s been buying salads for lunch at school. I feel like I’ve won all the parenting battles this week.

This week in internet links…Buzzfeed hit the mark with two great posts, 13 Incredibly Detailed Floor Plans of the Most Famous TV Homes and This is What Depression Looks Like (incidentally, I wrote a post with the same name awhile ago). Time shared a great article from XO Jane on how Being a Stay At Home Mom is Not a Job (as a current SAHM, I loved the perspective in this one) and The NY Times shared a photo series on what 2,000 calories looks like. Very interesting.

This week in laughs

funny-sneeze-car-crash-road-accidentbeing a bitch

That’s all she wrote this week. I’ll be back on Monday when I interview myself about my reading habits. Have a great weekend!

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