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The Child’s First Book Review

You’ve all read my book reviews at some point. Mostly in Show Us Your Books. So you know that they’re pretty short and to the point. I typically don’t mince words. Apparently that’s a family trait because The Child is pretty concise herself. I should probably explain. She had a summer reading assignment that involved reading a book and writing about it. She didn’t want to do a poster and since The Armchair Librarians is on an extended hiatus, we decided that this year she’d contribute a post discussing one of the books she read. Fun fact: it’s a Babysitters Club book. I cannot tell you how freaking excited I am that she is enjoying the series. And not the newfangled graphic novel versions, either. The real, old school (as in, some of my copies) books. 

That said, this is her review. I’m not sure how much she adhered to the assignment guidelines but it seems okay to me. I didn’t fix any spelling or punctuation or grammar or anything (and y’all know how much that killed me) so this is legit her work. Feel free to ask her any follow up questions and when she gets home from school I’ll have her answer them.

Welcome, today we are going to be talking about a book in the series The Babysitters Club called: Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. But instead of talking about Mary Anne or Stacey  we are going to be talking about Vanessa. Vanessa is the 9 year old poet who is the sweet, kind, calm and creative one in the Pike family. She makes the story a lot more interesting because she in the story she has a crush on Chris a boy from the Ice Cream Place in Sea City the Pikes vacation spot. Why she is so important to the story is because thru out the book Mary Anne has to deal with her and Stacey’s old boyfriends,Vanessa’s crush and Babysitting 7 kids too. So this is just one of all the main 3 events. So what winds up happening is Vanessa writes a poem for him but he thinks that his crush Mallory wrote it for him. So the main important’s of Vanessa is that she is a little drama in the huge Drama fest that is this vacation.