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Friday favorites, volume 20

I’m still in recovery/catch up mode from New Orleans, which is making this week ridiculously hard. It doesn’t help that I’ve had unplanned doctor’s appointments 3 times since I’ve been home (long story, and one that I’d rather not get into because it kind of sucks why I have to go. Nothing too serious but it’s still crappy. Sorry I’m being cryptic. I’ll talk about it when I have my test results. Promise). At least I’ve unpacked and done laundry, plus a few blog/mentoring related things so I’m only about 3 days behind instead of 5. Which is nice.

Before we move on to my weekly favorites, I promised Steph that I’d divulge the secret steps to killing a vampire. Here goes:

  1. Identify said vampire. You can do this if a cat jumps over the coffin 3 times or if a stray dog shows up at the front door. (Clearly this is based in science and practicality and not anything weird).
  2. Drive a stake through “dead” person’s heart.
  3. Cut his head off just in case a pointy object through his heart doesn’t make him sufficiently dead.
  4. Place the head at his feet.
  5. Turn coffin upside down. 
  6. Bury it.


I know this seems like a ton of thorough, violent, and unnecessary work but Frank the tour guide swears this is the only way to make sure a vampire is dead and he’s totally trustworthy so I think we should follow his directions. 

Now that you’re all in the know, we’re all safe, especially since we probably need to have vampire slaying field officers all over the country in the event of a vampire crisis. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m relieved that we have this shit under control now. 

Favorite songs

This week, I’ve had two songs stuck in my head: “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx AM (Nikki Sixx’s band, and, if you’re in the market for a memoir, read his book The Heroin Diaries. AMAZING) and “So What’cha Want” by The Beastie Boys. And now you can have them stuck in your head. Side note: the terrible grammar in both song titles makes me twitchy and it pained me to not write the words properly. 
This Is Gonna Hurt by Sixx: A.M. on Grooveshark
So What’cha Want by Beastie Boys on Grooveshark

Favorite frugal find

I guess you can combine this with book thing because I’ve been wanting to read Greil Marcus’s The History of Rock ‘n Roll in Ten Songs and it’s on sale on Amazon for less than $10. My library doesn’t have it in the catalog so I’ll be buying it this weekend. Way better than paying $28.


Favorite TV thing

Chris Pratt is hosting SNL this weekend. That is all. 

Favorite internet reads

I haven’t spent too much time reading the internet this week but I did see that the guy who wrote Go the Fuck to Sleep has another book coming out, You Have to Fucking EatI just hope Samuel L. Jackson narrates this one, too. There was also a pretty interesting post on Mental Floss, Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work and Whether It Was Intentional. And although LOST basically ruined TV for me, my longtime favorite magazine, Rolling Stone, published a great article discussing the impact of the show on the 10th anniversary of its premiere. If you were psychotically obsessed with the show like I was, it’s definitely worth the read.

Favorite quote

decisions quote

Favorite funnies

This isn’t so much funny as it is true. If you can’t make me laugh, we don’t need to be friends.

I wish I had thought of this.

cat reading









Lobster mafia. It’s real.










Seven has a point.









Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully you’ll be able to do something fun or productive or just binge watch some great TV. If you follow football, I hope your team wins, especially if they’re playing the Eagles. As for me, I’m just biding my time until baseball postseason. 


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Friday Favorites

Friday favorites, volume 19

This is my last full week at home before I leave for my blog conference in New Orleans, where my mentoring program is putting on a live session. And the word of the week is–stressed! There is still so much to do, along with a big announcement about my mentoring program that might or might not involve Jenn from Business, Life, & Design (hint: it does. Also, I got to meet her on Tuesday because FINALLY there is another Delaware blogger and talking to her proves once again that in Delaware, you are only one degree removed from everyone else). We’ll be sharing that on Tuesday so make sure you look for that. I also have some fabulous guest posts planned from some of my favorite bloggers and I can’t wait for you guys to read their posts. 

And now, what you’re here for. Friday favorites.


So, in 2012, I won NaNoWriMo and I’ve been working on that book. However, I don’t know that I want to keep going with it but rather, start a new one. I’d lie if I didn’t say that this song, one of my all-time favorites, is an inspiration for the new story I’ve been drafting in my head. I know I’m usually a hard rock gal, but I love me some Better Than Ezra, too. And that’s whose song this is. Hope you enjoy it! They’re also from New Orleans and that’s totally not an intentional characteristics for this week’s pick but it’s fitting.

 Cry in the Sun by Better Than Ezra on Grooveshark

 Frugal find

Any time I can buy clothes with a gift card, it’s my favorite purchase. I bought some desperately needed T-shirts at Old Navy with a gift card and also revisited MAC for another back to MAC purchase. Free stuff FTW!!!

Book/TV thing

I signed up for Amazon Prime earlier this year and was pretty unimpressed with it. Until. HBO put their shows in the inventory. My husband and I started watching Deadwood together and I started The Wire by myself. #obsessed  Have you watched The Wire? If not, you need to. I don’t care that I’m coming into it years after it ended. It’s still an amazing show, and since it started in like 2002 or something, it’s fun reminisce about technology and fashion and all that good stuff. the-wire

As far as my favorite book thing, I didn’t come across any new or exciting book news this week. But I did find this post about authors who found success after 50 so I still have hope. 

Internet reads

Considering I’ve been elbow deep in conference preparation, I haven’t had much time to read anything other than a book at night before bed or while I’m waiting for my daughter in the school pick-up line but I did come across this accurate depiction of weird fights that all married couples have, this interview with Rick Springfield talking about his depression (also, his memoir is great so far, and he definitely doesn’t shy away from discussion depression), and this pretty cool list of amazing TV characters that weren’t supposed to last (hey, there, Jesse Pinkman and Sophia Petrillo. I’m so glad you survived!)




I want him as my pet
photo (3)


Humane torture. I like it.


I will be saying this A LOT next week


Sorry I’m a little light on the funny this week. It’s been that kind of week. 

Enjoy your weekend! I’m hoping for rain and a cancellation of a football game so I can binge watch The Wire some more. 

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Friday Favorites

Friday favorites, volume 18

I have mixed feelings about this week. On the one hand, a short week is awesome because less time waiting in the parent pickup line at school. On the other hand, Joan Rivers died and that’s just terrible because she was awesome and hardworking and snarky and unapologetic for how she was and we should all aspire for that. She’s one of those celebrity institutions that you just always thought would be there and now she’s…not. It’s weird to process. I mean, my life isn’t necessarily different because I didn’t know her personally but it’s still sad. She was a pioneer for women, specifically women in comedy and I have mad respect for that. 

And she worked with The Muppets. Let’s pause and watch one of my favorite scenes from my favorite Muppet movie.


RIP, Joan.

On another note, thanks for all the great comments on Wednesday’s post. I feel so loved and supported and it means so much to me. I have a couple of follow up posts planned and I’ll be sure to update you on my progress. 

Favorite song

Breaking Benjamin. Evil Angel. Best song on Phobia, hands down. I listen to this song pretty much every day. Sometimes on repeat. I love it that much. And Benjamin Burnley isn’t bad to look at either.
Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin on Grooveshark       

Favorite frugal find

I had something so good to tell you guys about but my old ass brain has completely forgotten what it was. But maybe you can help me out. I’m leaving for New Orleans to go to a blog conference in a little less than 2 weeks. I have a bunch of time to go sightseeing plus time at night. How can I get my fun on when I’m there while still sticking to a budget? Any good recommendations?

Favorite book/TV thing

YOU GUYS!!! Topanga wrote a book. I’m not kidding. I cannot wait to read it. I’m not kidding about that, either.topanga

I think TV networks hate me because every show I like is ending this year. Parks and Rec, Justified, Mad Men, Longmire was canceled, and the #finalride for Sons of Anarchy starts Tuesday. I can’t even with that. But I am stoked for Gotham, with Ben Mackenzie (who I love from SouthLAnd, not The OC) as Commissioner Gordon and it’s an origin story with his rise to power and something with all the villains thrown it.  Ordinarily I loathe superhero stuff but this looks fantastic. I hope it is and I hope it lasts more than 1 season. 

Favorite internet reads

I love the internet. I mean, sometimes I hate it and all, but other times I love it and not just because it is the best procrastination tool in existence. This week, I found some great reads that I think you should check out, too. Like this post on 10 female gangsters you should know about. Those women have some serious badassery going on. When you’re done with that, hop on over and check out this post about one of the greatest movies of all time, Empire Records, and why it’s resonated so much with my generation (those of us stuck somewhere between Gen X and Millennials). And finally, in what I can only call some weird twist of fate and/or good timing based on Wednesday’s post, there’s this list of 14 things every fat girl absolutely needs to hear (skinny girls, healthy weight girls, all the girls, actually). 

Favorite quote 


Favorite funnies

Why can’t food just make itself tasty?

I have the best taste ever

Run, chicken, run!!!








 True story

Enjoy your weekend! I’m attending a football game at my alma mater on Saturday. Hell might actually be freezing over so make sure you look out for that.


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Friday Favorites




Friday favorites, volume 16

I am so off my Friday posting game it’s ridiculous. I had a good thing going, posting and linking up with Amanda every Friday but then…I just stopped. I need to get back into a routine which hopefully should happen next week when my daughter goes back to school. We actually had back to school night yesterday, and while I am insanely disappointed she isn’t in class with her friends, I absolutely adore her teacher. She’s going to be a great fit for my kid and I’m excited to see how my daughter will progress in her class.

You know what I am not excited about, though? The horrible sunburn on my back. I took my daughter to the beach and, not realizing just how much time my Casper the ghost colored back would have in the sun, I neglected to put sunscreen on and now I am paying for it. It hurts so much. I couldn’t even wear a bra the other night and I have huge boobs so it’s a not a pretty sight when my girls aren’t locked up. But we have tons of after sun lotion so hopefully I won’t peel since I’ve been using that. I guess the moral of the story is this: use sunscreen even if you think you won’t need it. Because peeling skin is only fun if you can reach it.

And now, it’s Friday Favorites with Amanda.

Friday Favorites

Favorite song

The title of this song is “You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing”. It’s by Halestorm. That’s all you need to know before you listen to it.
You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing by Halestorm on Grooveshark  

Favorite frugal find

NYX makeup. I have become totally hooked on this brand. Not only is it majorly affordable, it’s cruelty free and the choices are amazing. I bought the Adorable palette and some lip gloss, eye liner, and eye shadow primer and I could not be happier. If you’re low on funds, this is a great substitute for Urban Decay (which, by the way, has just released the Naked 2 basics palette. This is on my want list).

Favorite book/TV thing

Book Riot is my new favorite everything. It is heaven for book nerds. You all need this site in your life if you don’t have it already. I even listen to the podcast and I NEVER listen to podcasts. I am picking up one of their recommended books, How To Tell Toledo From the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer later today and I’m stoked to read it.


Favorite TV thing is a little harder to pick because summer TV has been crap and fall TV won’t be much better considering almost all the shows I like to watch are ending after the season they have coming up. But I am looking forward to giving that show How to Get Away With Murder a shot. It seems rather intriguing and I adore Viola Davis.

Favorite internet reads

Did high school make you hate reading? Yes? Then you’ll enjoy this post from Cracked, 4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading. If you have trouble sleeping then this post might help you establish a better routine. This post on why we have so much attachment to the music we listened to when we were younger (middle/high school, college) was crazy interesting. And finally, you’ve all seen the ALS ice bucket challenge videos going around. Well, there’s another challenge that’s been thrown down. Glenn and Cara O’Neill are trying to raise $2.5 million for their 4 year old daughter Eliza to receive a clinical trial treatment for Sanfillipo Syndrome. They’ve already raised over $1 million, and have the most successful Kickstarter campaign to date, but they need more. So, on the heels of the ice bucket challenge, they’ve issued the #sing2lines challenge. You can read all about it here. Oh, and Cara is/was (not really sure how that works once you graduate. Which is sad considering how long ago I graduated) a sorority sister of mine, so there’s that, too.

Favorite quote

This is what I tell myself on the bad days. It seems glib but it works. 

Favorite funnies
Letters don’t belong in math. Ever.
I’ve got no one to impress here.

It’s my way of practicing nonviolence.

Maybe even a whole sleeve, if it’s thin mints.

False hope isn’t funny, pants.

 Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday when I’ll be talking about how I stopped trying to be supermom and I’m glad I did. 


Friday favorites: volume 15?

How the hell is it August? Wasn’t it just June like yesterday? No? Well, that’s okay because August means school starts soon and while I love my daughter, if she doesn’t get out of my house, I’m going to lose my mind. And is it wrong that I’m already planning what I’m going to do the first day she’s back at school? (Pedicure and nap, if you were wondering.)

That said, it’s time for another round of Friday favorites except I don’t know exactly what edition this is because I have become an blogging slacker as of late (and I apologize to my blogger friends for the lack of commenting I’ve been doing. I can’t get my shit together long enough to write a comment). So I’m picking edition 15 because it seems like a good choice and maybe an approximate value. Math has never been my strength.

Favorite song

Rise Against, Audience of One. There are not enough words for how much I love this song. I feel music the way some people feel paintings or poetry and this song brings out all the emotions for me. It’s not a life changing song but it definitely changes my mood each time I listen (also, I love that it’s one of those songs that about one thing but it can be interpreted to mean so much more)

Favorite frugal find

I am in the midst of a makeup bag overhaul and when I was cleaning out old lipgloss, eye shadow, and the like, I realized I had 6 MAC items that desperately needed to go. Enter MAC’s Back To MAC recycling program where if you return 6 (or more) eligible items, you get to pick out a free item (lipstick/gloss, eye shadow, or something else I’m not remembering). I purchased new lipgloss recently but I definitely needed an eye shadow refresher. And I got one. For free.photo (26)

Favorite book/TV thing

Rick Springfield, “Jessie’s Girl” singer extraordinaire, wrote a memoir. So of course I have to read it. And I picked it up from the library yesterday. Along with some others:

I have no favorite TV thing this week because quite frankly, I’m pissed with TV. More specifically, I’m annoyed with On Demand And Netflix. Because none of them are showing any of the episodes of any show I need to catch up on. Complete first world problem but that’s okay because Ebola is no joke and I’ll take no new episodes of The Following on On Demand any day.

Favorite internet reads

So many good finds on the internet this week (and weeks past. Big ups to Pocket for being a great place to store these posts so I can use them). Like this post on Mashable about 90s song that are darker than you think. Some I knew, some I didn’t. Or this post on how to quickly travel through all 50 states (if I had a bucket list, this would be on it). Or if you need to waste kill some time, take this quiz, Which 80s Cartoon Are You? (I got Muppet Babies, which, given my Muppets obsession, is perfect). You can also check out this post I wrote on Monday detailing promises I made to my friends without kids

Favorite quote

Favorite funnies

I shed a golden retriever every day

Bryan is genius.
This made me laugh so hard
It’s better that we get along
It’s all about the tactic


Have a great weekend y’all! If you need me, I’ll be on my couch, binge watching the final 6 episodes of The Killing

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