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Thursday things and stuff

 Hey, Thursday! How you doin’? 

Thursday has long been my favorite day of the week. I think this started in college thanks to Mug Night at The Stone Balloon (RIP) and I know I’ve mentioned that before but I’m old and I tend to repeat myself. 

You know what else is fun about being old? Having no train of thought and saying what’s on my mind in no particular order and the fact that nothing relates to the thought before it. Like this stuff:

  • One of my daughter’s favorite shows is this new Nickelodeon one, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. It’s about quadruplets. Ordinarily, Nickelodeon shows make me cringe (save for iCarly) but this one is freaking hilarious. Did you guys watch That 70s Show? Do you remember Fez’s crazy girlfriend Caroline? She’s the mom. Also, they had a whole episode about poop that had me hysterically laughing the whole time. #noshamenicky-ricky-dicky-dawn-nickelodeon
  • Speaking of #noshame, you know who needs to be really ashamed? Dogfish Head beer. Because they’re making a scrapple infused beer. This is essentially the worst idea in history and if you don’t believe me, here’s the definition for scrapple and after you read it, you’ll understand why it doesn’t belong in beer or anything ever (including your fridge or your mouth).
  • For the longest time, I prided myself on the fact that, after having my iPhone for more than 3 years, I hadn’t cracked the screen. Bragged in my head. Felt superior. Didn’t care that I still had an old model because it was in tact, dammit, despite my chronic dropping of the phone. Then, on Saturday, my ego got body slammed when I not only dropped my phone but the screen shattered. A lot. Then my cheap, overconfident ass needed to buy a new phone. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my iPhone6.
  • You know what else I’m waiting to be delivered? An American Girl doll. My daughter wanted that, and only that, for her birthday next month so we, along with our parents, pooled our money to buy her a $115 doll. Yep. You read that right. $115. For a fucking doll. INSANITY. But I did find a $10 off coupon and, instead of buying the clothes from the AG store, the doll will be getting Target clothes. Hey, if Target clothes are good enough for me, they’re good enough for a doll. 

    For $115, I'm surprised she doesn't come with a pimp.

    For $115, I’m surprised she doesn’t come with a pimp.

  • I’ve worked my way through all the Serial episodes. I’m going to listen to them again because there’s just so much information to retain. As a former criminal justice person, my investigator senses are tingling all over this and I’m not 100% convinced the kid who’s in prison is guilty (he’s definitely not not guilty but I don’t think he’s a murderer). Anyone else listen? What do you guys think?
  • I’m trying hard not to complain about the cold weather because it’s not like if I complain, it’ll do any good and the weather will magically change back to something more manageable and appropriate for November. But seriously–what the hell is going on? Why does it feel like the middle of January? I’m genuinely terrified of what’s going to happen this winter if this is what it’s like now. But it does justify my blanket hoarding so there’s that.
  • While we’re on the subject of hoarding, if you remember, one of my organizing goals for the month addressed my Pinterest boards. I’m trying to thin the herd over there and, in doing so, I realized I had a whole bunch of home decorating and home idea pins I’d completely forgotten about! Thanks to Amazon, Etsy, craft stores, the dollar store, and a little bit of Pinterest, my home will look more inviting and less plain over the next few months. I’m quite excited about this.pinterest hoarding
  • Reader poll. As we approach the end of the year, I’m thinking about my goals and the direction for the blog. I’d love to hear from you what topics you’d like me to write about. So if you could take a minute or two to fill out this little poll, I’d appreciate it. I’ll let you guys know the results in two weeks (next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have one of those “things I’m grateful for” posts planned). You can select up to 3 topics and I’ll chose from the top 5 as to what I’ll be mainly writing about next year.
This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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What topics should Jana Says focus on in 2015?

Coming up tomorrow: Friday Favorites. See you then!

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Linking up for Stuff and Things

Kristin's Knook

My podcast: 5 things you need to know

Ordinarily I share my Friday favorites and link up with Amanda and I had planned on it but a bunch of you guys wanted to know about my upcoming podcast so I figured I’ll switch gears and do a Friday Five and share 5 things about my podcast you need to know:

  1. I’m cohosting it with my friend Bobby, who blogs at 2 Minute Finance. The idea came about while we, and a group of our other blogger friends, were wandering the streets of New Orleans and as we talked, we realized we had similar ideas for a podcast. We decided it would be a good and fun idea to work on it together.
  2. The first episodes will be released in January. Right now, we’re still working out the kinks in the interview format and developing our guest wish list along with practicing how to interview, designing a logo, and writing our rapid fire Inside The Actors Studio-type questions for the end of each episode. 
  3. Even though it was founded at a financial blogger conference and Bobby is personal finance blogger, we don’t plan to have a personal finance focus at all. In fact, the nature of the podcast is everything but the blogs. As in, we’re talking to bloggers about all the stuff they love. Except their blogs. There’s enough blog talk. We want to know about the person behind the blog.
  4. It’s official name is Offline. A woman in my mastermind group came up with it so I have to give her props. It’s a kick ass name and I’m super excited about it. I just hope we have no conflicts and we don’t have to change it. So far, I think we’re good. (Off topic: remember yesterday when I didn’t know if I should italicize or use quotes for podcast titles? I looked it up. Titles are italics, episode titles are quotes. Just in case you need to know).
  5. I have no idea what I’m doing. And my interview skills are terrible and I have consciously remind myself not to curse. Thankfully Bobby is way more savvy with this stuff than I am and all I really need to do is write questions, send emails, and show up. And not curse. 

Thanks you guys for your enthusiasm and questions and I can’t wait until I have episodes to share!

Since I can’t let a Friday go without sharing at least a couple of my favorite things, here’s my favorite funnies:

 This kid is brilliant

computer guy








If you understand this, we are BFFs. 








Cow vengeance. The threat is real.








And my favorite internet reads for the week were this post on how lateness is actually extremely rude and selfish (and one of my biggest pet peeves); this post discussing that moms are people, too; this list of 18 ways people make their lives harder than they need to be; and this list of 20 unconventional date ideas (my husband and I plan to do a few of them).

Let’s end this with my favorite 90s song of the week, “Plowed” by Sponge. 
Plowed by Sponge on Grooveshark

On deck for Monday: the second post in my cheer mom series, focusing on the financial aspects of being a cheer parent.

Have a great weekend!

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Random Thursday: Podcasts, candles, and questions

This has turned into quite a strange week. My husband took 2 vacation days and my daughter was off from school for two days and then she was sick yesterday so I kept her home because I refuse to be the mom who sends her sneezy, hacking child to school to spread her vile child germs to other kids and now how the hell is it Thursday? I’m pretty sure I blinked and the week disappeared. 

I don’t like when that happens. If I’m going to blackout and lose time, I’d rather there be wine involved.

There was no wine this week. 

And now for more random thoughts (brought to you this week by the letter D as in Dimetap, our medication of choice for a sick child):

    • My little sister’s birthday is on Monday. She’s going to be 27. I remember being 27 even though it was 10 years ago. She’s not allowed to be 27 because that means I’m old. 
    • Deciding to do NaNo this year was a big mistake. Huge. I’m so far behind and have to write a ridiculous amount of words to catch up. I’ve basically accepted the fact that I’m not winning this year. On the plus side, at least I have a terrible first draft of a book.

  • I finally downloaded that podcast, Serial, and I haven’t been able to listen to it yet. It’s making me crazy! It’s such a unique and creative idea and the thought of listening to something like that makes me feel like I’m in the 1930s waiting for my weekly radio program. And that’s so freaking cool.
  • Do you italicize or put quotation marks around podcast titles?
  • Speaking of podcasts, I have Big News!!! I’m co-hosting a podcast! We’re aiming to launch it in January. I’m so excited even if I have a terrible shrill voice that someone once to me reminds him of Wendy the Snapple Lady and will probably make some people hate me instantly but I don’t care because hosting a podcast is super fun! 
  • Have you guys been watching Red Band Society or Gracepoint? Please tell me if you are. If not, you need to get on them immediately because wow, are they fantastic shows.TV shows
  • The other night, I lit a candle in my living room and I think neither my husband nor I remembered to blow it out before we went to bed because I know I didn’t and he said he didn’t but the candle was out in the morning. This confuses and frightens me on so many levels.
  • I need a new fall/winter nail polish color, preferably on the pink spectrum. Any suggestions?
  • Remember all those goals I outlined for the November Choose Your Own Adventure challenge? I have completed approximately zero of them. I’m starting to get nervous that I won’t do anything and have a failure month again. I did make an effort last weekend but the dollar store did not have the supplies I needed and I didn’t have the time to go anywhere else. I’m annoyed because organizing the homework station is as close to a Pinterest worthy DIY project I will ever get.
  • I’ve had Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of” stuck in my head for weeks but I know a lot of you guys read this at work and it’s maybe not the most appropriate song for a professional environment so instead, I leave you with this picture: 


See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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Linking up for Stuff and Things

Kristin's Knook

Friday Favorites, volume 26

Many things I didn’t enjoy happened this week. I’m trying to turn the negatives into positives because silver linings and everything so I won’t share all the crap with you and instead I’ll move right into my weekly favorites.

(Quick question for you guys before we get started: does anyone know of someone who can help with some design elements? I have a new header that’s been updated to be more reflective of what I write about but it’s a floating header and for the life of me, I can’t figure out where it’s currently coded and how to code the new one and it’s making me crazy that I can’t add it to the site. I’m on WordPress, if you need that information)

Favorite 90s song

I know I ordinarily pick rock songs but every now and then a non-rock song will creep its way in. Today’s one of those days. I had a college friend who LOVED the Indigo Girls and we’d all listen to them and they’re really not so bad (even if my husband calls them “Lilith Fair music”) and I heard this song a few weeks ago so let’s work it in this week and get it out of the way. “Closer To Fine”. The Indigo Girls.

 Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls on Grooveshark

Favorite frugal find

I haven’t been shopping so looking for deals and coupons hasn’t been on my list of things to do, and none have come my way. Oh, wait! Bath and Body does have their winter scents on sale (4 for $18) so that’s a good deal but I’m pretty sure that stuff is always discounted but it’s worth mentioning.

Favorite blogging tip

I didn’t do much reading involving blogging tips this week, and some of the pins that I have are a bit dated to share (this is why I need to cull my pins) since Pinterest has apparently changed their algorithms for the way searches come up. But you know what stayed the same? Needing a quality image. Fortunately, Helene had a good post on how she uses PicMonkey for her blog’s images

Favorite book news

The only book news I have is the reminder that my and Steph’s Show Us Your Books linkup is happening on Tuesday so make sure you join us for that. Also, if you’re looking for a literary agent or anything related to publishing, the 2015 Writer’s Market is on sale at Amazon.

Favorite Internet reads

As a mom, I loved this post from Babble on the 7 Stereotypes About Motherhood That Annoy Me (number 3 is a huge pet peeve of mine. Really, a shower can take 5 minutes. It’s not a badge of honor to smell). I struggle with some of these but this list of 15 phrases you’ll never hear successful people say is something to think about and strive for. Dolly Parton is one of my heroes and this interview with her proves why. And, lastly, I need to update my house and make some improvements but we don’t have a ton of money right now so this post (and video) containing 23 ways to update your home for under $50 is quite useful.

Favorite funnies

Sometimes it’s the highlight of my day

 It’s the only hat I’ll wear. And it looks so good on me.

food hat

























Nostrils, I will never again take you for granted.











Coming up on Monday: Should be post #1 in my cheer mom series. But I can’t make any promises.  

Have a great weekend!

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Linking up with Amanda

Friday Favorites

My completely fake and imaginary celebrity dinner party

A few weeks ago, I sent a tweet to Domenick Lombardozzi (who was on The Wire and Breakout Kings, both of which I recommend, and Boardwalk Empire, which I have not watched yet but plan to) where I mentioned that I’d like to sit down and have a beer with him. He just seems like the kind of celebrity you can do that with and I’d definitely like to do that.

But that tweet got me thinking that maybe I’d also like to have beer with a few more celebrities. In fact, I’d like to have a whole dinner party filled with celebrities. I think it would be a) a fun experience; b) a reason to get all fancy dressed because I’d totally make it that kind of party; and c) it’d give me a quiet, brief moment of fame even though I have absolutely no desire to be famous. 

While I have no idea what the menu would look like for my extravagant dinner party (and by extravagant, I mean in my backyard and with my husband barbecuing because that’s probably all we can afford and a black tie barbecue just smacks of class even though in reality, I’d not have it black tie and just make it backyard casual since I barely like putting on pants, let alone a fancy dress), I think I know who would be on the guest list. 

dinner party

Let me pause here and say I struggled with this list so, so much. I had about 6 iterations before I narrowed it down to this one and when I went back over it, I realized that there are a number of celebrities I want to meet because not only are they smart and entertaining, but they write. Apparently I’d like to surround myself with successful writers. Which makes total sense since, you know, that’s my dream and all. In fact, I thought about separating this list into two groups but the thought of even fictionally throwing two celebrity dinner parties makes me anxious so we’re just going to stick with one.

One notable absence–Matt Damon. I have had a thing for Matt Damon since I saw School Ties in the movie theater when I was in 10th grade and I have no desire to meet him because I’m 99% certain I’d act like an absolute asshole and be all self-conscious and ruin the whole party. So he has to stay away.

Okay, so now that we know Matt Damon won’t be there, let’s go through the rest of the guest list (for this party, I had one caveat: all the guests had to be alive. I could play the “if you could pick any celebrity, living or dead, to have at a party” game and I’d have people like Buddy Holly and Janis Joplin on the guest list)

  • Judd Apatow 
  • Jason Segel
  • Wentworth Miller
  • John Krasinski
  • Chris Pratt
  • John Green
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Kyle Chandler
  • James Spader
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Kurt Sutter
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Kat Dennings
  • Amy Poehler
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Gillian Flynn
  • Dolly Parton
  • Queen Latifah
  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Anna Gunn
  • Drew Barrymore

The first thing I noticed, besides the whole writer thing, is that I have a good portion of the cast of Parks and Rec on my list so maybe I should just say I won’t invite any of them and just pretend I have talent or a desire to be on TV and be an extra on the show instead. That would free up 3 spaces on the list. If I did that, I’d fill in Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Garner (who I didn’t really like until I saw Juno and then I found out how hard she campaigned to protect her kids from the paparazzi and now I have major respect for her).

The second thing I noticed is that everyone on the list has, in one way or another, made me laugh. Or cry. Or been in, or has written something, or done something off camera, that has made me feel all the feels. They’re people I want to sit down and talk to also, have you ever observed really smart and talented people talking to each other? I have and it is amazing. I feel like I could become so much better just from being at the party and watching what goes on.

And I’d have a really amazing photo wall when it’s over.

Would you guys host a celebrity dinner party? Who would you invite?


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P.S. For the record, I’d totally take tons of pictures and Instagram the shit out of this kind of party which means that my face might be in a lot of places but I’d be okay with that since I’d be covered by lots of people better looking than me and probably just blend into the background. 

I have no problem with that.

P.P.S. I’m totally starting a Pinterest board for this. I saw someone else do it and I think it’s a great idea. And you know I’m not above stealing copying a good idea.