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A short vent about “fixed income”

If there is one term in personal finance I loathe, it is this–fixed income. Fixed income is technically defined as “income that does not change”. Fixed income is usually a term reserved to describe those who are retired, living on a pension/Social Security or those who are on some sort of government assistance, trying to make ends meet on a small monthly amount. It’s a pretty negative term, designed to conjure up images of those […] Continue Reading…

My descent into debt, part 1

My journey into debt happened slowly. I didn’t just wake up one day, in a money hangover, owing close to $60K. It creeped up on me, one credit card swipe at a time. And now, I’m just sick of it. It’s time to take back my money. So how did I get here?Like so many others, I graduated from college (and graduate school) with credit card debt. But that was my only debt. I had no […] Continue Reading…