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Money Tune Tuesday: Downeaster Alexa

Having just finished David Shipler’s The Working Poor, I could not think of a more beautiful, poignant song to accompany that book than Billy Joel’s Downeaster Alexa. It’s not a long song, less than 4 minutes, and I really encourage you to watch it. I am literally moved to tears each time I hear the song and watch the video:

My little grocery budget tip

There are dozens of websites and books and blogs devoted to saving money on grocery shopping. Money Saving Mom has a 31 Days to a Better Budget series, which is far and away the most comprehensive I’ve seen. 5 Dollar Dinners is another outstanding resource for frugal cooking and smart shopping. For a good view of one family’s healthy and comprehensive menu on a very tight budget, check out Another Housewife. And I cannot […] Continue Reading…

Going on a snowflake hunt

As I’ve been navigating the personal finance universe, one term keeps showing up: snowflaking.Snowflaking is a derivative of the Dave Ramsey concept of the debt snowball. This is the method we’ve used to pull ourselves out of the massive crater of debt we found ourselves in several years ago. It works, too! It’s nice to be able to check off one debt after another, knowing that you’ll have that much more money to put […] Continue Reading…

Money Tune Tuesday: The Big Money

I like to imagine that, much like my life has a budget,  my life has a soundtrack. I’m still trying to decide what my theme song should be. It’s a pretty arduous decision that fluctuates with my mood. So for now, I’ll settle on sharing the perfect combination of two of my  favorite topics: music and money. With that, I bring you Money Tune Tuesday.

Each Tuesday, I will feature a video or song lyric that […] Continue Reading…

Dad’s financial tips

I know Father’s Day was yesterday but, unfortunately, I did not get a chance to put this post up until today. I think the sentiment is clear and the tips are timeless.I grew up in a house where money was not discussed in any formal way. My sisters and I got an allowance and birthday money and at 13, I started babysitting to earn money (as an aside, I cannot believe that people trusted me […] Continue Reading…