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What I hope you receive from me

This post is part of Alyssa’s back to blogging nonchallenge challenge

Reflecting on what I hope people receive from me was harder than I thought. I didn’t know whether to look at from the perspective of my family, my daughter, my friends, online…which do I pick? Because there’s a bunch of different qualities I hope people are picking up on, and it’s not always the same from group to group. Then I reflected further and found some similarities:

Consistency.  What you see is what you get and while I’m pretty guarded about my feelings, I’m always me. I realize that’s kind of a contradiction. But I don’t change who I am based on who you are. 

Honesty. You may not like it but I’m not going to lie to you. I will tell it like it is. Lying goes against one of my core beliefs and I’m uncompromising on that.

Reliability. I will show up when I say, do what I promise, and be there to help when you need it. I hope people realize that I’m someone they can rely on whether it’s with their house keys, their pet, their secrets, or to hold their hair back when they puke. We all need someone we can count on. I like to think that’s me. 

Humor. I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh and I like to have people around me who make me laugh. 

A comfortable place. So, that sounds weird. But what I hope is that people realize they can be whomever or whatever they want around me. You don’t have to act, pretend, or distort who you are. Say what you feel and say what you mean. Let your freak flag fly high and proud when I’m around. I won’t judge you.

A voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. It’s a big motivation behind why I write and I hope that when I share my struggles, it gives people someone to relate to or makes them feel less alone. I hope it helps educate and destigmatize and foster understanding. And if it makes a difference to one person, it’s all worth it. 

Support and encouragement. I don’t believe in tearing people down to make myself look or feel better. I don’t believe in not helping when I know I can. What I do believe in is listening and encouraging and being a positive voice in your ear or on your phone, especially when you’re feeling like you can’t do it yourself or you want to quit. I believe in networking and assisting and promoting and connecting, and I hope my actions match those beliefs. 


How about you guys? What are some things you hope people receive from you?

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  1. Linda Sheridan

    This is really nice. I want people to feel comfort and joy and peace. I want to make people laugh and be happy.
    I like when everyone gets along and sacrifice my own feelings at times. When I do let them out, no one can deal with that, so I am convinced that saying nothing
    Is better. I am learning to concentrate on my
    Good things. I am not professing to be
    All good. I want to make my time here nice for me and my people. Accentuate the positive whenever you feel bad or sad. Love, Steph’s Momma

  2. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    I feel like you analyze me as a person and then blogged about it LOL. These are exactly the same traits that I hope others get from me….esp with honesty and reliability. If you say dinner is at 6pm, I’ll be there at 550pm and then berate you for making me wait 10mins LOL

  3. rebecca jo

    I love this. I think “A comfortable place’ speaks volumes. SO many people cant feel like they can be themselves around others… if others know they can just be their selves & you accept that for whatever it is – says a lot about you 🙂

  4. Heather Lockhart

    I think reliability is an extremely important and underrated character trait. I’m with you, I want people to know that if I say I’m going to do something, then I’m doing it. Flaky, unreliable people people boil my blood!

  5. Allison

    I love this and think everything on your list is so accurate and important; it’s exactly the things I think of you (well, at least the “you” that I know from the blogging/Internet world). I think people/writers like you are SO needed and SO important and you should know people absolutely DO receive these things from you!

  6. Nadine

    Great minds think alike, I published my post for this prompt today too! I would say that I absolutely take these things away from you from what I know online of you. I think honestly and reliability are major character traits that I wish more people had. I don’t understand the point in lying. It is just too exhausting. And there are so many shady people out there these days, it is nice to have a few reliable friends. I am the same way, I am who I am no matter who you are. Love this.
    Nadine recently posted…What You See Is What You GetMy Profile

  7. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    You’ve described yourself and the environment at Jana Says perfectly. I also love coming here because you are so real. I still feel as though I wear a mask sometimes, trying to be whomever others expect/want me to be. And seeing you be real and genuine reminds me of why I want to live authentically and why I just have to flip the bird to those who want someone else.
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…Candy Bar BrowniesMy Profile

  8. Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders

    I really hope that people pick up on the honesty and reliability thing from me too! I’ve never wanted to be the type of person that says one thing and then does another, or says they’ll be there and then doesn’t show up. One of the things that I always love about your blog is that you are honest!

  9. Carly

    I love this prompt– it’s something that’s so important, but I think most people don’t actively think about it ever. I love your break down of each of the qualities– support and encouragement is such a huge thing, especially in our age of social media.

  10. Myra

    I love your list. The honesty thing is a huge one for me too! I also love the reliability quality. I feel like that’s one of those things that too few people possess these days. Glad to have found your blog through the challenge! xo

  11. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    I love this. I hope people perceive me as a genuine person…as someone who stays true to myself even though it may not be the popular thing to do. I’m also working on being a better listener!

  12. alyssa

    Such good things. I see them all, and that’s amazing. I feel the same way about a comfortable place–that’s one of my biggest things, I think. I never want to make people feel uneasy or anything but welcome and “home.”

  13. Latoya | Femme Frugality

    I think I’m hoping that people just receive authenticity from me. I’m not trying to do or be anything other than me and that’s something I’m doing to the best of my ability.

  14. texerinsydney

    I’ve really enjoyed Alyssa’s prompts and to see which ones have inspired people to share a little piece of themselves. This particular one, well, I was somewhat at a loss. Then, I was a little down about that fact. Shouldn’t I know what I want to be projecting out into the world?
    I enjoyed your list and can say that I’ve seen these traits in you. All of these traits are pieces of the puzzle that make up a solid human being.
    texerinsydney recently posted…Currently… linking up vol.8My Profile

  15. Kimmi

    I completely agree with these most specifically the one about for those who cannot speak for themselves. I tend not to talk about my problems even on my blog simply because I know a lot of family reads it and I don’t want to get into it. But it’s nice when I come here and you’re talking about it so plainly and truthfully and I remember I’m not alone that other people struggle to you and that we can pull through.

  16. kristen

    i am struggling with this prompt because i keep getting caught up in what i think people receive vs what i hope they do and it doesn’t really match lol. i definitely think reliability for myself, i do not bail on things i said i would do and i am always on time or early. i would love to be considered a comfortable place. i know i only know you online but i definitely get the honesty, humor and a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves – the others too of course, but those definitely stand out to me for you 🙂


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