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I hear voices when I read (and other weird shit about me)

I have been trying to wrap my head around all my feelings, thoughts, and emotions in light of the Women’s March and the shitstorm that’s been unleashed via executive orders and I’m struggling with it and whenever I try to string together a thought or sentence or whatever, I start to cry. In fact, I’d planned a post about how we do feminism in our house and I couldn’t get through it so instead, I present you with a whole bunch of weird facts about me:

  • When I read, I hear the characters’ voices in my head. Usually with an American accent even if the book takes place in another country.
  • Also when I read, I check how many pages are in the book and do a rough calculation for how long the book will take me to finish.
  • With regard to above, I never calculate correctly because math is fucking hard.
  • My feet and my ears don’t match. I mean, each foot differs from the other, as does each ear.  Obviously they don’t match each other. 
  • I refuse to drink two different beverages from the same cup on the same day, even if the cup has been washed out in between. 
  • At 5’3″, I am the tallest of me and my siblings. My parents create giants, y’all. I was also born the latest (18 days late)  and was the smallest in weight.
  • I failed my road test 4 times. My family still jokes about it.
  • I cannot do accents and impressions. Unless said impression is Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny because, honestly, it’s not really a stretch. #newyorkerforlife
  • I work movie quotes into conversations with people I know won’t understand the reference simply for my own amusement.
  • I write full blog posts in my head while I’m in the shower and, when we used to have bathtub crayons (back when we only had one bathroom and they were for the Child but I am seriously considering buying them again), if the mood struck, I would brainstorm on the walls using said crayons.

How about you guys? What are some weird things about you? Don’t be shy, either. This is a judgement free zone.

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  1. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    I do the voices too when I read a book, and I blog in the shower and doing any kind of mindless activity like jogging or cleaning. I talk to my cat and he talks back to me…but he sounds like me….doing different voices. Crazy cat lady?

  2. Linda Sheridan

    Love this post❣️ I run or walk very fast to and from
    My car when I go to stores. I start reading a book and get impatient and need to read the end so. Can relax and enjoy the book from where I left off. I get French fries whenever I can when we go out and eat all of them first. I like hot fries. I clean up as I cook or bake.
    Love, Steph’s Momma ✨☮☮😇🦄🍀🌞🦋

  3. Allison

    So D.J. (the guy I write with) bought me a shower notepad as a ‘gag’ gift but it’s kind of amazing – it’s literally a notepad and a pencil and for some reason you can write on it in the shower and even use the eraser – it’s a sorcery I do not understand but I love it. Just like you, I get so many great blog post ideas in places where I can’t write anything down, so this is perfect! Also, I failed my road test 3x. Whatevs. lol

  4. SMD @ Life According to Steph

    I failed my road test three times!

    I need to do a post like this because I like reading them.

  5. Stephanie

    I LOLed at math is hard. Truth.
    I do the blog post in the shower thing too, get the best ideas in there. I’ve never written them down in there though, I just hope I remember them when I get out!

  6. Audrey

    Hahahaha! This was just the right about of laughs needed for the shitshow that is DC right now. I’m with you on the whole getting upset thing. I had a RAGE moment at our dinner table last night and my husband just sat and stared at me with wide eyes the whole time. UGH.

    I tend to read characters’ words with accents, too! And I always look ahead to the final page for the number. Also, sometimes I read a page or two from the end, just to make sure my characters live… lol.

    I failed my driving test once. I reference movies quotes regardless of my audience (although my husband always gets them and grins across the group at me). And it takes me DAYS to finish a drink. A bottle of pop can last me a whole week. (Not a can or alcohol, though. Lol.)
    Audrey recently posted…The Revised 30 by 30My Profile

  7. Mattie

    Hahaha I love that you slip in movie references that people won’t get! I’ve never heard of someone not drinking two different things out of one cup but I can’t really think of a time when I’ve ever done that either, though I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it/actively avoided it.

  8. Brittany Pines

    I can’t do accents either, it’s so pathetic.

  9. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    I most definitely give my characters both a voice and a distinctive appearance and it chaps my butt when they make a movie or TV show and the character doesn’t remotely resemble the character – hello, Jack Reacher! Tom Cruise is probably shorter than you without his lifts and Jack Reacher is a giant. ARGH. Double argh to DC right now. I just can’t. I feel like every time I watch the news I start yanking out hair and I will have no hair in four years if things don’t change.

    I failed my road test once. The second time, the man was quite tall and bit chubby. My car had a bench sit and I’m barely five feet tall, so he was smushed. I basically went around the block and he passed me. 😀

    I respond to my cat’s meows. Sometimes with just “I know” and sometimes I meow back, just to keep things interesting. LOL! I do estimate how long a book will take me to read. And I’m better at this today but I also almost always read the ending after reading about a quarter or a third of the book, just to make sure the ending was good when I was younger. Okay, I was impatient and curious!
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…12 Winter Movies Kids and Adults Will LoveMy Profile

  10. Nadine

    I write blog posts in my head in the shower or while on the treadmill. And I totally hear voices in my head when I read too!

  11. ShootingStarsMag

    When reading a physical book, I always look at what number the first page starts on and then what number is on the final page. I don’t know really why – just an idea of how many pages total I guess. LOL

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…As Red As Blood by Salla SimukkaMy Profile

  12. Christina

    I don’t typically read characters in a novel, but if it’s a memoir I do. It’s always fun when it’s a British person’s biography. In my head my English accent is perfect. Not so much out loud. Ha!

    Fun fact about my driving test. Right at the beginning, pulling out from my parking spot, I almost backed into a guy on a motorcycle. I didn’t see him! The instructor told me to pull back in and then sighed and shook her head for a few minutes while I sat there silently. Then she said, “Seriously? You didn’t see him?! (Huge sigh.) Let’s start again.” I ended up getting 80, which was the lowest possible score to pass. Haha!

  13. Teh Megan

    bath crayons are GENIUS! I want some now! All my best thoughts are in the shower.
    My ears and boobs (of course) are different from each other. One of my ears is significantly lower than the other which makes most sun/glasses I wear look crooked on my face. My dad makes fun of me for this, so I assume I got this from him.

  14. Alyssa

    I ALWAYS do voices in my head when I read, and I think reading audiobooks has only made this habit worse.

    I cannot do an accent at ALL, save for maybe a stereotypical Italian North Jerseyan, for the same reasons. I can’t even fake a British “Cheerio!” or something.

    Aaaand now I’m thinking bath crayons are a totally necessary purchase.

  15. kristen

    i laughed so hard at your ears/feet not matching.
    i can’t do accents at all. and i also read books and hear voices… also with american accents. the only time i hear other accents in my head is when they use specific words or sayings that are very australian or british, depending on the book.
    you could use movie quotes in a conversation with me, and even if it was a movie i’ve seen a thousand times, it would go straight over my head. i am horrible with remembering things like that. KC will bring up scenes or quotes and he’s like we just watched this last month and i’m like… er..?

  16. texerinsydney

    I can’t do accents either. I’m terrible.
    My calves are two different sizes. Visibly different. I had ankle problems on one leg (sprains, torn ligaments, fractured) for about 5 years, so the other calf muscle overcompensated for the weak leg. It’s been like this for 25 years now.
    Weird fact about me: I find it annoying when people “baby talk” to children but think it’s completely acceptable to do it with our pets.
    I have gotten 12 tattoos but have never, ever actually looked at a tattoo gun/needle because I’m certain that I will freak out since I hate needles and giving blood.
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