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E-reader: yes or no?

As I mentioned yesterday, while I was at the movie theater waiting for my husband, I was reading a book (Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman). A man said to me that I should get a Nook. Though it took me a minute to realize exactly what he was talking about, I then felt compelled to defend my choice not to have an e-reader. I stand by my decision (unless a Nook or a Kindle happen to fall into my lap for free) for several reasons:

  1. I don’t want to pay for the reader itself. I am saving for an iPad and I’d rather put the money towards that. Money spent on an e-reader is money that takes away from the iPad.
  2. I like holding an actual book. There is something wonderful about holding an actual book and turning the pages and using a bookmark that I just love.
  3. I like that books don’t require batteries. I hate batteries. They are annoying and expensive and I usually forget that they need charging until it’s too late. I want to be able to read when I want to read, not when a battery tells me that I can.
  4. I read in the bathroom. Yup, I admit it. I read in the bathroom. Sometimes, if a book is really good and my family won’t stop hounding me, I’ll pretend that I have to go to the bathroom so I can sneak in an extra chapter or 2. I wouldn’t want to risk the e-reader falling in the toilet.
  5. I like that I can get books for free at the library. Sure, there are plenty of free e-books but from what I’ve seen, the books I like to read are not free. I’m not one for buying books anyway. I tend to read them once and then they just sit on a shelf. If someone wanted to borrow the e-book, I’d have to lend him the reader. And then what would I use? It doesn’t seem practical.

I guess I do see the upside to the Nook or the Kindle: they’re small, lightweight, easily fit in a purse or backpack, can (supposedly) be easy to read outside. But they still cost money and eventually, they’ll be outdated. You don’t get that with a book.

Do you have an e-reader or do you want one?


  1. Niki

    We haven't gotten on either. I love the feel of a book in my hand. My daughters really want one though and have been saving up.

    Found you through Yakezie, good luck with the challenge.

  2. Anonymous

    I say get one. A nice compliment to an iPad.
    DH & I both have Kindles – we love them.
    #1 – totally understand – I want an iPad too – but can't think of a good reason/use for it.
    #2 – ditto – but the Kindle is a surprisingly good substitute (even my DH said so and he was the holdout)
    #3 – Battery life has never been a problem on the Kindle – charges quickly – lasts a LONG time – just turn off the wi-fi unless you are using it – that is the battery hog
    #4 – TMI – but – we read in the bathroom all the time – never had a problem. Have you dropped books in before?
    #5 – I don't spend any more for books getting them on the Kindle and have downloaded TONS of free stuff. Some is pure junk, some is ok, and some is great and turned me on to new authors. I used to give books away – so the loser in this is my local library (which had turned away donations in the past because they had too many).

    Anyway we love ours and you should consider the Kindle – it is very easy to read outside too. Better than the iPad (used colleagues).

  3. jana

    niki–thanks! i'm thinking i may have to borrow one before i commit. but there really is nothing like the feel of a book! i'm having fun on the challenge so far. lots of new bloggers to read!
    anonymous–thank you for your perspective. i'm glad to have the information from someone who has one. and while i haven't dropped books in the toilet, i have dropped bookmarks and magazines. so you can see my hesistation 🙂

  4. THE ZOO

    I like a book. and most paperbacks are small, lightweight and fit in pocketbooks. Also at our mega used bookstore I discover books from the 80s and 90s I missed. I doubt you could come accross obscure books on Nook and I think its fun to stumble on a book I love and missed originally.


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