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Bookish habits: 7 questions

I am a fan of Litsy. I don't use it like I should but I'm REALLY good at stalking and lurking. And it pays off sometimes because I find little get to know you questionnaires and they give me post ideas since summer brain is real. These are sort of along the lines of my Interview with a Bookworm series (real question: should I bring that back?) and they're all about bookish habits and behaviors which I find fascinating because #sociologynerd and here we go:

1. Probably 15-20. Sometimes less, sometimes more
2. In general, print but digital when traveling
3. Thriller/mystery and literary fiction.
4. Romance and horror
5. I have so many but it's a tie between using movie posters as book covers and when people mark up library books. THEY ARE NOT YOURS. DO NOT DO THAT.
6. Really, I have to pick one thing? I could write a 20 point list about my favorite things and they're all equal. A sample, though: getting lost in the story, I'm never bored, and books are a perfect way to avoid people AND responsibility
7. Hmmm. This is a hard one. I'm pretty open about all things bookish but I'll admit that I've never read a Harry Potter book, never plan to, and I give zero fucks if my daughter ever does. And I am also incredibly sick of the HP obsession. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Any of my answers surprise you? How would you answer these questions?


  1. Linda Sheridan

    I’m not following the list but this bothers me- when people bitch about people using their phones and they do it as much as anyone else. If I have no book or reading
    Materials, I read my phone. I read blogs,
    News, instagram, etc.
    Usually what we complain about in others, we do
    Ourselves. And texting is easier than calling.

    Love, Steph’s Momma

  2. Lauren

    I’m surprised about the Harry Potter thing (though the OMG Happy Birthday Harry was ridiculous yesterday) mostly because I think since you have read so much, you would like picking up on all of the influences in each book. But, had I not gotten into it in high school, I don’t think I would care as an adult. Also, 15-20 hours is great! I only read like an hour a day but I’m trying to put down my phone and read more!

  3. Audrey

    Hahahaha. Sorry not sorry about my Harry Potter obsession 😉 I don’t care if other people aren’t on board, though. That’s definitely interesting to hear coming from a book lover.
    I used to love reading horror but now I definitely do not. I’ve never thought about my favorite genres but I’d say mine are a three-way-tie between fantasy, mystery, and historical fic.
    Audrey recently posted…Fall EntertainmentMy Profile

  4. Kristin

    I’ve also never read HP. Stay strong.

    Well, I read 1/3 of the first book when I was 12. Does that count?

  5. SMD

    Over hearing about HP, now and forever. Also have zero interest.

    I like the bookworm series.

  6. Heather

    I loved your bookworm series (just went back and read a few this morning :)) such a fun idea!!
    And my HP love is deep and will never go away BUT I know it’s not for everyone 😉

    PS – I also totally hate it when ppl mark up library books.

  7. Confuzzled Bev

    I read the first three Harry Potter books not long after the 3rd book came out because I was sleeping in my younger brother’s bedroom while visiting my mum and got bored when unable to sleep one night. I then read the remaining books because I wanted to know what happened. I like them, but I’m definitely not obsessed! My boyfriend is like you – has no interest whatsoever in Harry Potter, will never read the books and probably never see any of the films (unless our future child ends up liking HP, in which case he may reluctantly watch a film with him/her).

  8. Rebecca Jo

    haha… sorry, but I’m totally in for the HP obsession for life <3 haha… I actually want to re-read them all over again. But I get it – I'm the same way with the Game of Thrones obsession. It holds NO interest to me at all.
    That's funny movie poster as book covers bothers you. I never gave it much thought but I can understand it.

  9. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    Well, I’m a diehard HP fan (and errr … you’ll want to skip my post on Thursday) but I never apologize for being one and nor should anyone feel they have to apologize for not being one. We like what we like! The only people who annoy me with their complaints about HP are those who freakout because he is a wizard and therefore the books are evil. Whatever.

    I had to laugh, though, because at first I thought you said you read 15-20 books a week! 😀 I find my reading varies, sometimes I read so much and other weeks, zippo. I also really, really, REALLY hate it when they swap a book cover for the movie poster. Nothing irritates me more because BOOK FIRST!! If I’m buying a book, I do prefer e-book, simply because my apartment is small and I’ve had to giveaway books that I would have preferred to keep but lacked space. If I’m borrowing from the library, I really don’t care unless it’s a huge book, then I prefer e-book again because I have wimpy muscles. 😀 My favorite genre is definitely mystery/thriller. Fantasy would normally be my second favorite but I’m reading less and less of it. I am not a big fan or romance-only books or non-fiction.

  10. Ashley The Wandering Weekenders

    This was fun to read, and I totally agree with you about horror, it’s definitely not my genre at all! And I’m surprised that you haven’t read a HP book! I love the books and could read them over and over again, but I totally understand that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

  11. Kay

    Agreed with most. I love physical books more but travel a lot and have long waits at court so kindle and phone wins out more often than not these days.

    I have said a million times I have no interest in HP. none. I read all of LOTR, but HP – I cant.

    Honestly I wasnt big on thrillers before – Id read them but meh. Lately Im obsessed. Its so crazy!

  12. Nadine

    i like physical books in theory, but they take up too much space and I rarely read them a second time so I am starting to prefer ebooks and I swore I would never ever say that yet here we are. There is nothing better than the smell of a new book in your hands though!!!

    I also swore I didn’t give a shit about HP but then I got sucked in four years ago. I still have never seen a HP movie though.
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  14. kristen

    can’t stand people who mark up library books, i had a person rip 50 pages out and i was like wtf?! you’ve ruined the book and my day!! though i don’t hate movie posters. if two editions are side by side and they are the same price, i’ll get the normal one, but if the movie edition is the only one, or cheaper, i don’t care. and if it’s P&P you know I went out of my way to buy them. biggest loser.


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