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I haven’t linked up with Lauren and Bre in awhile and I don’t even know if they still have the linkup but I had it on my calendar so here we are.

Ordinarily I like to have a theme for my recommendations but this month is just a collection of random things I like that I think you should, too. 

Not hotdog. It’s an app and honestly, it’s pretty fucking stupid but if you’re a fan of Silicon Valley on HBO, then this is the best app you will ever use. If you’re not a fan, this should sort of give you an idea as to what it does:

Blue Lizard sunscreen. Our pediatrician recommended this to us when the child was a baby and we have used almost nothing else since. It has a UV sensitive bottle that changes colors so you know when you should apply (to be fair, if you’re at the beach, it will be blue the whole time unless you’re in the shade or later in the day. Then it’s a light blue instead of raging angry blue) and it’s super thick so a little goes a long way. It’s not the cheapest you’ll buy but it’s worth every penny.

Tervis cups. I have an entire cabinet of these and if it were up to me, all of our glasses would be replaced with them. They’re basically indestructible (which is awesome when you’re clumsy), you can get them in just about any theme or pattern you can think of, some are insulated, and I will love them forever.

Spotify Daily Mix. Use Spotify? Then you need to check out your daily mixes. They’re playlists that the app picks for you, there’s like 6 to choose from and it’s different every single day. Mine are typically a combination of some favorites, some forgotten songs, and ones I’ve never heard. And sometimes, they just get me.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I know. I raved about it during Show Us Your Books. And on IG. And in a Friday six pack post. But in case you missed all of those, I am STRONGLY recommending you read it. Even if you’re not a big reader. Please. Read this book. 

What are you recommending this month?


  1. Lauren

    Yup, the linkup is still happening! Even if my blogging barely is 🙂

    I drink so much more when my drinks are super cold and glass sweats so I was honestly wondering the other day why I don’t just use insulated cups for everything. It just makes sense. That sunscreen sounds awesome! And I am going to the real library this week so maybe I will see if I can bump The Hate U Give up on my list. Thanks for linking up!

  2. kathy @ more coffee, less talky

    i LOVE Silicon Valley….Gilfoyle’s refrigerator hack was one of the funniest episodes. There’s a guy in my department who reminds me of Gilfoyle right down to the shirts he wears and his attitude…it’s awesome. Sometimes I go down there with made up problems just so I can pretend like I’m talking to Gilfoyle. It’s not weird I do that.

  3. Ashley The Wandering Weekenders

    I absolutely love having cold water, which is why I love using Tervis cups too! They keep my drinks cooler for way longer!

  4. Brittany Pines

    Tervis FTW! Hubs & I each have one, and I totally take his Deadpool one if mine is dirty =D Keep hearing about this Blue Lizard lotion but never seem to see it in the stores?!

  5. Kristin Darhower

    I’ve thought about ordering another Tervis tumbler…I had one a few years ago but it definitely wasn’t leakproof so I got annoyed with it. They were a HUGE thing when I lived in Missouri.

  6. Teh Megan

    I love when Spotify gets me. When we go to our neighbor’s house they often have Pandora playing.. and then we hear commercials and I have to stifle a groan because UGHHHH commercials. Spotify is one of the most important things I pay for. I’ve never looked back.

  7. Rebecca Jo

    My husband doesnt get that I pay for Spotify but I love the ad-free version & I use it when I run for the pacing option. & I’m constantly listening to my Daily Mix & love the songs they pick.

  8. SMD

    I love the daily mix!!

  9. Tanya @ A Mindful Migration

    So … I had both Small Great Things and The Hate U Give in my grubby little hands at the same time but I could only read one because racism is a huge trigger for me. And Small Great Things had to be read because it was for my Book Club. And I choose it, so … yeah, it had to come first. Everyone has raved about The Hate U Give and I will read it before year-end but I am still in recovery from SGT. It’s like WW2 books, I need breathing space between them.
    Tanya @ A Mindful Migration recently posted…I Think I Can, I Think I Can … I Can Do ItMy Profile

  10. Stephanie

    I gotta get on the Blue Lizard sunscreen train. Been seeing lots of recommendations for it!

  11. Krys

    I am Just about to order a Tervis mainly because of people raving about them. This is one more confirmation that I should just hit the buy button lol

  12. Steph

    I love the Daily Mix. I also keep my discover weekly playlists all copied in one playlist because it helps me find so many new songs 🙂

  13. Audrey

    I love the daily mix on Spotify, too! That sunscreen sounds pretty awesome as well!
    Audrey recently posted…Blogger Favorites (and more!)My Profile

  14. Heather Lockhart

    The library just drew my number for The Hate U Give. I can’t wait to start it tonight!

  15. Nadine

    I have The Hate U Give on my TBR, I need to get to it! I grabbed ThinkBaby for Zoe for the beach next week but I had heard good stuff about Blue Lizard so I will consider it as an option. Love Tervis cups!!

  16. Ali A

    I JUST started using Spotify recently (I know, I know — I was a Pandora girl) and ALSO just noticed those Daily Mixes. I LOVE it; most of the time I just want to hit play and not futz around with making playlists or finding stations.

  17. Bre

    Sometimes I’m like “how does Spotify know me so well” but it knows me. lol. I love it.
    I bought The Hate You Give but I haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard so many good things.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  18. Christina

    We just bought Blue Lizard and are loving it so far. All the healthy, mineral sunscreens irritate my kids’ skin so much! We’re using the baby version of Blue Lizard (it’s pink) and so far, so good. I loved The Hate U Give!


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