This week in…: Volume 30

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I liked last week’s list format so let’s keep that going. 

  1. I finished Girl Waits with Gun, am halfway through Love May Fail, and am still hanging on to A Little Life. The latter is a great book but so damn depressing I’m just not feeling it right now which is why it’s taking me longer than usual to finish. Picked up Hyacinth Girls and In a Dark Dark Wood. Reset my Goodreads goal to 65 (upped from 50, which I completed). 
  2. School starts (finally) on Monday. I’m an underachieving mother so don’t expect any back to school posts on how I’m making my daughter’s lunches exciting or any cute outfits because I let her pick out her own clothes and as long as she matches, I truly don’t give a fuck what she wears or how I’m organized for the school year or whatever else it is that ambitious parents write about. I’ll take some pictures on Monday and that will be it. Then I’ll take a nap.
  3. Speaking of naps, I have been ridiculously, overwhelmingly tired this week. I cannot get enough sleep. I’m wondering if maybe the summer has finally gotten the better of me. 
  4. YOU GUYS!!! There’s going to be an SOA spinoff!!! Kurt Sutter is developing it, it’s about one of the other gangs, The Mayans, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!
  5. Another week, another Duggar rant. It’s ridiculous at this point. Today, though, we’re not going to give any more attention to Josh (but Josh? Your “rehab”? I call bullshit. It’s nothing but a calculated move to be able to drum up money and draw back fans with your “redemption story”. I’m on to you and those who spawned you) but we are going to talk a bit about Anna. She’s been making headlines lately, thanks to her brother who’s actively trying to get her out of the house, the fact that she’s absorbing the responsibility of Josh’s actions, as well as that viral Facebook post (which I agree with while adding that, unfortunately, there are too many Annas who need that message but will never receive it). My two cents is this–there is nothing wrong with standing by a spouse who cheated on you (adding that we’re going to pretend it’s all he did because when I add in the molestation, it’s too difficult to continue this train of thought). It is okay to seek counseling and work on your marriage and try to move on from the cheating for whatever reasons you might have. Women do it every single day. The difference between Anna and other women is this: Anna has no choice but to stay. Not only is there immense pressure from her family and church leaders to stay but if she leaves, she will consider herself a failure, that she wasn’t godly enough to make her marriage work. For someone who’s been indoctrinated to believe that her self-worth depends entirely upon being a wife and mother, can you imagine the depression she’d endure if she left? How would that help her kids or her self-esteem (which is probably in the toilet already)? And is it productive to scream that she should leave knowing that she has absolutely no means to support herself or the children? So while it’s popular to say she’s weak for standing by that cretin she’s married to, there’s way more to it and I think, maybe, we should give Anna a break and let her deal with what’s happened (note: this is not at all an endorsement of the horrible way she was raised or the archaic belief system she subscribes to. But those beliefs are precisely why there’s a conflict).
  6. And then there was another shooting by another unhinged nutbag the same week the Aurora movie theater shooter (I refuse to acknowledge their names) gets sentenced to roughly a million years in prison. I’m not saying we need to take away all the guns but holy hell, what is it going to take to make some changes? 
  7. I leave for Charlotte in about 3 weeks. If anyone knows of anything free or inexpensive to do, or has recommendations for places to eat or bars to visit, please let me know. I’m at a loss. 
  8. The child and I went to the beach the other day. We got there early, staked out our spot, and, while we were in the ocean, a family of 23940937 incredibly loud, obnoxious asshats set up shop approximately 3 inches from our chairs. ON A WIDE OPEN BEACH. There is no reason for that nonsense at all. Respect personal space. 
  9. As for internet reads, there were a lot but in the interest of loving my fellow bloggers, the ones you really need to read are Kristen’s post on books and the 7 deadly sins, Ali’s post on the awful way men treat women on dating sites and apps, and Erin’s happy songs (which is similar to a post I did including title because #twinsies). And also this one from Scary Mommy who is not a friend but did share an awesome post about 80s characters I could use in my life right now (hint: John Bender is on the list. So is Duckie. And Mr. Miyagi (oh, guy with the theory that Daniel is the bully? Fuck off. You’re an idiot). And many others. You should definitely read this post). 
  10. And your funny of the week:

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Have a wonderful weekend! See you back on Monday when we’ll discuss all the things I love about fall.

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Why do I love books? Let me count the ways.

My daughter asked me a few weeks ago why I love books so much. Given the fact that her attention span is equivalent to that of a goldfish, I gave her a short answer: I love reading stories. 

But it’s so much more than that. 

I love the way an author can make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel. 

I love the way a book can change your perspective or even your mind.

I love how a good story stays with you for weeks and months and years afterwards. 

I love how certain characters find their way into my life at just the right time. 

I love how books don’t care what I look like or how much I weigh, and how they’re there for me regardless. 

I love that a captivating story can keep me occupied for an entire afternoon. 

I love the worlds and places books take me to.

I love how books improve my vocabulary and logic and thought process and all those necessary, critical thinking skills. 

I love that there are books for everyone. 

I love that books can spur debates and conversations and create connections between people who’ve only just met or have known each other for years.

I love the easy access we have to books now when just 100 years ago, it wasn’t so. 

I love that, even from a book I don’t finish or a book I hate, I take away something. 

I love the staying power of books.

I love that no two people read the same book even if they’re reading the same book.

I love that reading is free.

I love that books give me something look forward to even when nothing else does. 


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The Fall Film Challenge: Jana’s picks

A few weeks ago I noticed some of my favorite bloggers were participating in a fall film challenge. I figured I wouldn’t be able to do it because 25 movies by November 30 is pretty much impossible but then with some encouraging peer pressure and an acknowledgement that there’s no way in hell I’d get it done and that’s okay, I thought I’d give it a shot. At the very least I could assemble a list and work through some of the movies left on the AFI 100 Best Films since watching all of those is on my 40 by 40 (which, at this point, needs a major overhaul). 

Picking movies was hard, y’all. It nearly broke my brain. But I did it and this is what I came up with and also, please don’t judge me too hard on some of them because yes, I like baseball and have never seen Field of Dreams. Also, finding a movie starring someone with the same name as me? HAHAHAHAHA. That was superfun. I did it, though, but I’m not looking forward to watching it. 

Some of the rules: had to be a movie you’ve never seen. No duplicates (so I couldn’t use one movie in two categories). Has to have an IMDB page. No made for TV movies.

I told you. HARD.

So here we go. Jana’s Fall Film Challenge List. 

  1. A movie set in NYC–King Kong*. The Kyle Chandler version. Because Kyle Chandler is in it. But I’m counting it towards my AFI list
  2. A movie featuring hot air balloons–Around the World in 80 Days
  3. A movie with a child as a main character–American Graffiti*
  4. A Disney film–Mary Poppins. No, I’ve never seen it. I know.
  5. Set in Egypt/with an Egyptian character/Egyptian actor–The Mummy. I like Brendan Fraser. #noshame
  6. A close friend’s or family member’s favorite–Duck Soup* This is one of my dad’s favorites. If I can’t find it, Blazing Saddles. Also for my dad.
  7. The word “great” in the title–The Great Train Robbery
  8. Starring Harrison Ford–Raiders of the Lost Ark* No, I’ve never seen this one either. I know.
  9. An idiot as a main character–Get Hard. I’m pretty sure anything with Will Ferrell qualifies.
  10. On Levi Strauss’s list–Rear Window* Aiming for the original but the remake will have to do.
  11. About a knight–First Knight
  12. A love story–Love, Actually. I told you there were lots of common movies on the list I’ve never seen.
  13. Something miraculous–Field of Dreams Judging me is totally appropriate at this point
  14. Same name as you–Approaching Midnight (actress: Jana Kramer)
  15. About the Olympics–Munich or Chariots of Fire
  16. On Time magazine’s list of newspaper movies–Zodiac
  17. Question in the title–Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?*
  18. 90% or more on rotten tomatoes–Serpico or The Last Picture Show*
  19. Superhero movie–Iron Man. I do love RDJ
  20. Subtitles–Amelie
  21. Featuring unicorns–Blade Runner*
  22. Personal victory–The Martian. Fiction, yes, but the man grew potatoes from his own poop. On Mars. Because he scienced the shit out of it.
  23. Black or white in the title–Black Swan or Meet Joe Black
  24. Set in a country you’d like to visit–Green Street Hooligans Charlie Hunnam, pre-Jax Teller. Alrighty.
  25. Set in a zoo–We Bought a Zoo. Two Matt Damon movies on the list? Don’t mind if I do.

*denotes movie on the AFI list of 100 Greatest American Films of All-Time

For all the rules, visit the original post: The Fall Film Challenge

So what about you guys? Are you doing it? Have you seen any of these? Any I should replace?



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This week in…: Volume 28

Weekly recap headed your way in a different format because it’s good to change things up.

We went to the Mets/Orioles game on Tuesday night. After a brief delay due to the threat of inclement weather, my beloved Mets beat the Orioles 5-3, keeping my streak of seeing the Mets win at Camden Yards alive. 
It took us 5 minutes to get out of Baltimore following the game. Granted we left midway through the 9th but […] Continue Reading…

10 more reader rights

This post is coming to you live from my iPad so please forgive any wonky formatting or weird autocorrects that I might have missed in my lazy proofreading. This is also why there is no picture.

A few weeks ago, while browsing Gretchen Rubin’s blog, I came across a post detailing the 10 Rights of a Reader (first published by Daniel Pennac in 1992). I liked the list and agreed with all of it but […] Continue Reading…