Friday Favorites, volume 24

Admittedly, it’s hard to top last week’s favorites because my husband is something else and definitely brings a certain something to the table and he’s very grateful for all the birthday wishes and the great responses to his quasi-guest post (although you might change your mind when you read my upcoming “shit my family says” post). Perhaps that’s why I’ve decided to give the categories a makeover. I tried to keep with the same themes but slightly altered them a bit. I hope you enjoy the new versions!

Favorite 90s song

Although I’ve been using 90s songs for the past few weeks, making it an official category feels like a lot of unnecessary pressure. I really want to get it right and there are so many good choices. Too many good choices. But, after careful consideration of all the candidates, I’m picking Beck’s “Loser”. This is the best song about nonsense (with a hidden meaning buried in the lyrics, I’m sure) that ever was.
Loser by Beck on Grooveshark

Favorite frugal find

I was going to say it’s all the amazing sales that Bath and Body Works has on their soaps (did you know there are pumpkin scented foaming hand soaps? Thanks to Megan, I do now. Also, I’m secure enough in my basicness to admit that I want pumpkin soap) but then Target went ahead and announced free shipping on all purchases made through December 20. All. Purchases. 

Favorite blogging tip

Writer’s block is inevitable (actually, did you guys know I was a contributing author in a book on how to combat writer’s block? I was and you can buy it here if you want. I get no money from your purchase but it’d make me feel good if you bought it. And it’s $.99 so if you hate it, you’re out less money than the cost of a soda) but one of my go-to sources for all things blogging, Melissa from Blog Clarity, came up with the idea of a swipe file. 

A swipe file is essentially a collection of posts and ideas that you can use for inspiration and brainstorming when you get stuck. It’s not posts you can copy; rather, they’re posts to use to help you overcome your block. She explains it better than I do so check out what she has to say about creating one.

Favorite book/TV/movie news

It’s hard to find something to come up with in each of these categories each week so going forward, I’m going to share what I found to be the most interesting. This week, it’s the fact that Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, has been on The Blacklist this season. He’s fucking creepy on it, too. I always struggle when I see someone who I pigeonhole in a role playing something totally different. And it really doesn’t get much different than this.

Favorite Internet reads

So many links to choose from since I missed sharing last week. I did narrow it down to my favorite four because four seems like a reasonable number and it’s a multiplier of my favorite number (16) and also it’s about the number of minutes per day I’ve been productive lately. Speaking of that, Lifehacker had a very helpful post on turning laziness into efficiency, which, coupled with Michael Hyatt’s post on why you should nap every day, means I’ll be a model of creativity and productivity, starting next week (I still haven’t worked out the procrastination part yet).

I’m not sure how to segway to this next link smoothly so I’ll do it awkwardly instead. Earlier I said that I’m secure in my basicness. And I am. And this Buzzfeed post explains why the word “basic” is really another word for class anxiety. And it is a great read which you should follow up with reading how this guy went a year with a distraction free iPhone (if anyone is interested in trying this challenge, let me know because I think it’ll be something I do very soon, although I’ll probably start with a week or a month).

Favorite funnies

Really, I could do worse.

Books are liars.








Shame on you, Little Bunny Foo Foo.










This is true fear. And not that I know from experience, but should you clog the toilet of someone who doesn’t own a plunger, a pot of boiling water poured into the toilet will do the trick.
Thanks to everyone who agreed to participate in my meet the reader series. There’s still plenty of room for more so let me know if you’re interested! This is open to bloggers and nonbloggers; we’re equal opportunity here at Jana Says. And I might be turning this series into a podcast down the road. I’ll keep you updated on that. (Question: if I had a podcast interviewing my blogger friends, and maybe some nonblogger friends, would you listen to it?)

That’s all she wrote for this week. Coming up on Monday (most likely, unless something else strikes me when I sit down to write on Sunday): my celebrity dinner party guest list.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Thinking out loud Thursday

It’s Thursday! Time for another brain dump! Let’s get right to it.

  • My post ideas are out of control. I’ve been trying to use a blog planner to keep them all organized and plan them all out but trying to stick to that plan is virtually impossible. I think I need to have a writing day, get them all out in draft form, and then go back and hit publish on various days. Especially when the inevitable writer’s block sets in.
    • I needed a subset for this one. I keep going back and forth between completely self-centered posts and posts that others might find helpful and/or useful. I don’t know which ones to publish. So, quick reader poll: What do you guys prefer to read? One or the other? A mix of both? Let me know!
  • The stack of books on my nightstand and on my Kindle app is ridiculous. And more books are coming in every day. I need, in addition to a writing day, a reading retreat where I sit and just read books for a week. Preferably at a quiet beach house, with only my dogs keeping me company.
  • My daughter’s Halloween costume still isn’t done. She wants to go as Laura Ingalls and while it seemed like a good idea, putting this costume together is way more difficult than I thought it would be. This costume is why I wish I could sew more than a button or a seam.
  • If anyone has motivation to exercise, can you please hurl some extra my way? It’s been a week since my last workout and the “I don’t give a shits” have set it. My fat ass will not keep losing weight if I can’t find my will to sweat anymore.


  • I have finally started liking podcasts! I have two that I listen to with regularity and they’re actually interesting. Well done, on topics I enjoy, and not too long. The last time I listened to a regular podcast was when LOST was on TV. I’m glad I finally found something!
  • Buzzfeed might be known for it’s annoying list posts, stupid life quizzes (did you know that anyone can make one now? I’m debating whether or not to do it), and random collections of pictures but lately, I’ve found a few longform essays that are killing it. I’ll share a couple of them in tomorrow’s Friday Favorites. 
  • I don’t know what to binge watch next. I’ve finished The Wire, I’m caught up on The Following and The Blacklist, I’m watching Deadwood but I can’t handle more than a couple of episodes at a time. I’m looking for a show I can sit and watch for hours when I’m avoiding doing anything worthwhile. Candidates are Drop Dead Diva, Shameless, and Parenthood. Thoughts?
  • Confession: I have been sucking ass at the choose your own adventure challenge this month. I’ve definitely had less diet soda than I usually do but I have had some. More than I should, which is zero. Remember how I said I chose that one because it wouldn’t be setting myself up to fail? So much for that.
  • I’m starting a new feature, and I’d like to start it next month: Meet The Reader. If you read, and want to do a short, fun interview with me that will be published on the blog, please email me. This is for bloggers and nonbloggers so don’t feel like you can’t participate if you don’t blog.  
  • I’ve been in a mood lately and sometimes, the only thing that makes me feel better are pictures of cute animals. Like this one:

horse dog

Coming up tomorrow: Friday Favorites with revised categories. Hope you’re as excited as I am!

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Pet peeves. I’ve got a lot of them.

Admittedly, I have a lot of pet peeves. Probably more than the average person. Which is fine because I’ve decided it doesn’t make me high maintenance or bitchy; it makes me quirky.

I’m not ashamed of my pet peeves, either, because people really need to get it together and I’m all for helping them do so because seriously, tell me that none of these bother you:

  • Receiving an email that’s riddled with spelling errors, punctuation abuse, and incorrect forms of words (ex., using “your” instead of “you’re”). It’s even worse when it’s from a professional organization.
  • Using letters and numbers in place of words anywhere except text messages. And I can’t really stand it in texts either (true story: I have a friend who proofreads her texts before she sends them to me).
  • People who move unnecessarily slowly, especially in the supermarket or when walking on the sidewalk.move slowly
  • People singing incorrect lyrics to songs, especially songs that I like. Misquoting movies and TV show is included in this. 
  • Open shower curtains. When I’m rich, I’m replacing all the curtains with shower doors.
  • Not texting me back but posting all over social media. 
  • In what probably makes me seem all Sleeping With the Enemy-ish, I can’t handle it when the labels on cans in my pantry face different directions.
  • Wire hangers. No.wire hangers
  • The sides of the comforter on my bed being uneven.
  • Celebrity nicknames, specifically the combining of two names into something ridiculous. 
  • The term “shipping” as it refers to wanting two characters on a TV show to get together. WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST?
  • When people use big words and they clearly don’t know what the word means.
  • When people mispronounce common words (it’s “moot”, not “mute”) or incorrectly use a word (hey, irony, I’m looking at you).no-patience-for-stupidity
  • Employees of an establishment smoking directly in front of the entrance so that you have to walk through their cloud of smoke.
  • Rude smokers in general. 
  • People who are not 80s children claiming they miss the 80s. 
  • Putting a pitcher with 4 drops left back in the fridge. 
  • When drivers have 8786 miles and 128943 signs warning that the lanes will merge but still wait until they have 5 feet left until the lane ends to get over.

I’m going to stop here. The list could be way, way longer but:

How about you guys? What are some of your pet peeves? And if you’re interested, you can read some of my other ones, ones that are a little more substantial, in this post.

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Redefining Mother of the Year

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I’m 98% confident I’ll never win mother of the year. 

I’ve covered a bunch of those reasons why in other posts (you can read those here and here and here), and if I had to add anything to those, it’d be that I’m too lazy and possibly unmotivated to work on the ridiculously high expectations that are put on mothers and because of that, I’ll never work my [...] Continue Reading…

Friday favorites, husband edition

A few nights ago, my husband and I had this conversation. I should state upfront that I was laying in bed, half asleep, because it was almost midnight and we had just finished watching Sons of Anarchy and if you watch that show, you know how it exhausts you from all the emotions.
Husband: Are you asleep?

Me: No. I’m getting ready to run a marathon.

Husband: Okay, then. I’ll be in bed when I’m done powdering [...] Continue Reading…