Friday favorites, volume 13

I don’t know about you guys, but this summer is wreaking havoc on ability to get shit done. Ordinarily, I’m pretty productive, staying on top of everything I need to do and accomplish but as of late, I do nothing of value. Let’s rephrase–I do nothing. It’s not like I don’t try but I get about halfway finished and then say fuck it and go about my day, reading the internets or a book or playing RummiKub on my iPad or binge watch White Collar. I keep telling myself that school starts in a few more weeks and everything will get back to normal. 

It’s good to have dreams.

As for my Friday favorites, it’s the one streak I’ve kept alive this summer so let’s dive into that so I don’t feel like a complete failure. 

Favorite song

When you’re home all day with a 7 year, what you listen to pretty much goes down the crapper and I treasure the few moments each day when we actually agree on a song. Like this one.

Favorite frugal find

When we went to pick up our painted ceramic figures from a paint your own pottery place in our town, we found out that they have tye-dye. I was not spending $15 for one shirt (especially knowing she was going to want to do more than one) so I went to the craft store, found 2 shirts and a kit, and I had a 25% off coupon. That means we got two projects for roughly $10 instead of $30. I don’t even mind the fact that I have blue hands now.

On other note, the craft store had Halloween projects on display. HALLOWEEN. For shame, Michael’s. For shame.

Favorite internet thing

Steph mentioned it yesterday but it’s worth repeating because my inner grammar nerd freaked out with glee when I saw the Weird Al Word Crimes video. I’m sure you’ve seen it but if not, here it is:

Also on my list of internet things I loved are this BuzzFeed post on sister tattoos (one of my sisters is on board. We need to work on the other) and this Huffington Post post (because flying with a kid is hard enough without people hating you simply because you need to bring your child with you. Trust when I say, most of us are trying our hardest to control them. Those who don’t, well, they deserve the hate).

Favorite book/TV thing

This one’s a combo.

As if Gone Girl and Dark Places being released as movies this year isn’t enough for me as a Gillian Flynn fan, I read that Sharp Objects is going to be a TV show!!! I don’t invest in many new shows (because inevitably the ones I like get canceled) but I will be giving time to this one. Because Gillian Flynn. 

Favorite quote



Favorite funnies

I need to be prepared








Thanks to Nadine, I understand why this is funny.

turn down









#sorrynotsorry if this song is now stuck in your head

adam scott


















Next week, I’m on vacation (sort of) so I’ll be sharing some older posts with you guys. I hope you like them! I’ll be sharing lots of pics (provided I remember) on Instagram so if you don’t already, follow me over there!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites


Jana don’t give a sh!t

Remember that viral video from a few years ago, Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shit? Today’s confessions is a complete ripoff of that and that’s why it’s title Jana Don’t Give a Shit. Because sometimes maybe I steal borrow great ideas. And I don’t give a shit. 

Other things I don’t give a shit about:

    • Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, any Real Housewives, or any of the litany of reality TV shows. Except Teen Mom. Bring that train wreck on!
    • How much square footage your house is. Unless you’re living in one of those tiny houses or a mansion bigger than Delaware, it doesn’t matter to me.
    • What the rain near your house sounds like. Seriously. It’s rain. We all know what sound it makes when it hits a building or house or the ground. You don’t need to share videos of it.
    • Your cryptic Facebook status. Instead, post a sign that says “Pay attention to me!!!” At least I can appreciate your honesty while I’m not caring about you.
    • What any celebrities wear, ever.
    • Which celebrities are dating, which ones are procreating, and which ones are getting divorced.

    • How much you paid for things. Unless you’re getting a great deal and you can share said deal. Or it’s some amazing, creative money saving tip. Then I care. Lots.
    • Science fiction anything. Books, movies, Comic Con…all of it. And comic books are the worst because, let’s face it, they’re not really books. I don’t like lying. And calling something that’s not a book a book is straight up lying.
    • People breastfeeding in public. It’s just boobs and the kid needs to eat. Deal with it (and I was a formula mom so there’s no underlying agenda here). 
    • What anyone thinks of my taste in books, clothes, music, home decor, TV shows, or movies. They’re not intended to make anyone else happy. They’re for me.
    • How tired you are. We’re all tired. Same goes for busy. Quit bitching.

  • Football. There is truly no way I could care less about it. Unless it’s hockey or basketball. Then I care less.

That’s pretty much the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it’s the first few layers. But I fear that if I keep going about shit I don’t care about then you’ll stop caring about this post and that would make me sad. So, let’s hear from you guys. What don’t you give a shit about?


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Vodka and Soda

Monday morning musings

I don’t normally do weekend wrap-up posts because there’s only so many interesting and creative ways I can tell you I ran errands, read books, watched Netflix, and spent time with my family. That’s pretty much what I do all weekend, every weekend unless it’s cheer season and that’s even more boring than my regular life. We do sometimes socialize, like this past weekend, but I don’t know that that’s all that interesting either. Unless you count getting 455910 mosquito bites on my ankles, legs, and feet as interesting. 

I don’t.

This past weekend, though, some pretty significant events happened and I wanted to share a couple of them with you guys. 

First, as some of you may or may not know, I run a blogger mentoring program. I’ve been doing it for just about 2 years now and while the program itself is in the middle of a restructuring/reorganization phase, I am running a live session at a conference in September (the conference is in New Orleans. I’ve never been. To say I’m excited is a big fat understatement). However, financially, paying for the conference was a concern. My husband and I truly did not know how we were going to pull it off but then, on Saturday, I got an email that not only did my session get a sponsor, but the sponsor is a blogger I highly respect and I am thrilled to help her promote her next product (as soon as I have her permission, I’ll share with you guys what it is). This means that the financial pressure of the conference is off and I get to work with someone I admire (seriously, she’s a blogging rock star).

Major, major victory for me.doubt

Which leads me to the second big thing. This one is more introspective, though. While processing the fact that I have a sponsor and all that, it made me realize that I’m afraid of my own success. Whenever I get to the brink of having success either with writing or my former career or my mentoring business, it’s freaks me out to the point that all the fears and doubts take over and I do something to sabotage myself. It can be something small, like pull back from writing or abandon a project, or it can be something big like not send an email to a particularly well known contact, but I inevitably do something. 

Apparently one thing I’m really good at is making bad choices.

I know that I wrestle with low self-esteem, and I have for as long as I can remember, and those inner voices that tell me that I don’t deserve to be successful. And since I believe them, my actions that I take, or don’t take, turn those voices into a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a vicious cycle, and then, at the end I sit and wallow in the fact that I’m not a successful writer, business owner, blogger, whatever it is I’ve just ruined.

That’s my fault.

It’s not that I want to be famous. I don’t. In fact, one of my ideal/dream jobs is as a ghost writer for a big name series, like the people who wrote the Sweet Valley High or Babysitter’s Club books. All the writing, steady paycheck, none of the fame. It’s perfect for me. Yet do I do anything to make this dream happen? No.who you're not

And that’s my fault, too. I make excuses for why I can’t do the things I know I need to do when truly it’s my own self that I’m battling. It’s my own issues that prevent me from reaching out, working harder, and putting myself out there. 

And I want more than anything to believe in myself. I want to own what I’m good at. Yet I simply can’t. 

I tried addressing this in therapy and honestly, it made it worse. I realize that’s probably because I had a shitty therapist but maybe also a little bit me. Maybe deep down, I don’t want to change because this is comfortable. It’s what I know and the kind of change and growth involved in developing a healthy dose of self-confidence is too scary for me to handle.

Because maybe it’ll lead to the success I’m afraid of. 

So realizing all of that, and admitting to myself, and all of you, is pretty significant. Now I just have to work on making it better. 

Have you guys ever had a moment where you finally admit something to yourself you didn’t want to? How did you handle it?


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