Friday Six Pack #2

Short but sweet recap this week.Friday Six Pack

  • Finished 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl. Currently reading How to Start a Fire. Picked up The Bed Moved. Still in a NetGalley hole. Don’t forget Show Us Your Books on Tuesday and a new episode of The Armchair Librarians goes live every Thursday.
  • Bought some new mascara and makeup brushes. The great makeup refresh of 2016 is in full swing. 
  • The husband and I went to a wine tasting last weekend. Ordinarily I don’t enjoy wine but this was at a local place, it’s been on our Delaware to-do list for awhile, and we came home with 2 bottles. One of them is named Redneck Rouge. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy it partly for the name.
  • Many things enraged me this week (Trump, the asshole woman yelling at the guy in Walmart for buying groceries with food stamps, the bathroom bill debacle) but in the interest of keeping my head from exploding, let’s focus on something happy: this cop who rescued a kitten.
  • This summer we plan to update our kitchen. For years, all I’ve wanted is a 1950s style kitchen. For years, I’ve struggled with finding items to make that happened. Then I found this website, Retro Planet, and now my kitchen will look just how I want it. #takemymoney #finally
  • Mother’s Day themed funnies:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day whether you have two or four legged kids, whether they live here or in heaven, or if you’re celebrating someone who’s not your biological mother but might as well be or however else you acknowledge the day. As for me, I’ll be in Virginia Beach for my daughter’s cheer competition. You can follow along on Instagram if you’d like.

See you on Tuesday for the best monthly linkup ever!

Six word biographies


Since Lisa borrowed my idea for a post, I’m borrowing hers. All’s fair in love and writer’s block. 

Except I’m doing mine without pictures because I’m an incredibly lazy blogger and also I hate making images. don't like doing it

Life is messy. So am I.

Organizing my house is wasted effort. Because dogs and child and husband. 

Without lists, I would be lost.

Speaking of lost, directions are hard. So is finding all the lists. 

Sleep is great. Books are better. 

Music soothes me when beer’s inappropriate. 


Nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss. 

Bad things happened. I’m still standing.

Parenting is mostly cooking, swearing, and signing papers.

(That was more than six words.) Sometimes I break rules for fun.

I openly steal other people’s words. Because sometimes they sum it up.

Some like beautiful, perfect and prettyI see the good in the bad and the ugly

What are some of your six word bios? 


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P.S. Happy birthday, Mackenzie!! Hope you have an awesome day! I’m so glad I know you!

Half-baked Tuesday

I have many thoughts swirling around in my head but none complete enough to make a whole post so let’s just throw all of them together and see what comes out.

I’m working on redesigning my site. It’s old and it needs a makeover. Badly. Like, it’s WAY overdue. But I’m lacking in the funds department so it’s a DIY situation which is fine. I’m using the color palette from my old site, probably sticking with the same font or finding a similar retro one, and I want a simple, easy theme because that’s where my skills stop. I have the main topics we’ll be focusing on but I’m stuck on a tagline. Any suggestions? P.S. This is why I’m not a copywriter. 

Speaking of career options, you know my author coaching business that I started? Two thoughts: 1) I definitely need my Jerry Maguire moment when I get that one client who believes in me and wants to pay me and all that; 2) self-promotion is not my strong suit. I suffer HARD from imposter syndrome which does not lend itself to starting and growing a business. I’m definitely rethinking the coaching as a viable choice. help-me-help-you

The University of Washington posted an infographic to “help” the girls trying out for the school’s cheer team. I read it. It’s horrible. It’s WHY cheerleaders have the reputation that they do and while the team has since removed the infographic, damage has been done. If people want cheerleading to be taken seriously as a sport–which is it and it should–then teams need to stop doing shit like this. Just because a girl might not curl her hair or have a six pack or wear red lipstick does not mean she can’t tear up the mat. Also, body dos? A “toned physique”? Fuck you, University of Washington. Not only is that a vague and completely subjective statement, what are you doing to these girls? Way to promote completely unhealthy habits and rule out what I’m sure are some damn good athletes because they don’t look the way you want them to. So you can take your infographic and shove it up your perfectly toned asses. Cheerleading is about so much more than appearance and if you can’t recognize that, then maybe you should go fuck yourself. Because I’ll be damned if my 9 year old cheerleader catches wind of its existence. be wrong

On Friday night, the husband and I went to see Pearl Jam. It was surprisingly good, especially for me, a nonfan, and I do not regret going one bit. Glad we spent the money on the experience and congrats to the band on 10 sold out Philadelphia shows. They even have a banner in the rafters commemorating it. They only other artists with banners are Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen so they’re in good company. Which is cool. You know what’s not cool, though? Floors that are so damn sticky I actually lose a shoe to the stick. Like, my shoe stayed in place while I kept going. I’m seriously too old for that shit. Also, I’m too old to inhale secondhand weed smoke during a concert but maybe that’s another post.too old

So, one of the things I love about blogging is that bloggers love to help each other out. Which is why my friend Brynne from Femme Frugality and I have teamed up to help a blogger get to FinCon16. If you or someone you know wants to go but maybe needs a little help getting there, we’re giving away a free ticket. There’s an application process, though, so it’s not a lottery. You have to kind of work for it, and you can see all the details and access the contest page by visiting here. P.S. This is not an unfinished idea but rather a shameless plug for something I’m doing. #sorrynotsorry

What unfinished ideas are swirling around in your head?

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Friday Six Pack #1

First Friday six pack, a collection of six highlights from the past week. I decided not to have set categories but rather rotate based on the week’s happenings because, as we all know, not every week is the same. 

This isn’t an official linkup but if you’d like to join in sometime, have at it! 

In the immortal words of Tone Loc, let’s do it.

Reading stuff–Finished Liar and We’ve Already Gone This Far. Reading Deep South. […] Continue Reading…

Angry songs: A Jana and Erin Playlist

 I, Erin, shared Kristen’s post about angry music in my most recent share of Blogger Love.  Jana and Erin consulted and agreed to steal be inspired by Kristen’s post.  We will give you our own version of a collection of “Angry Tunes”. 
Warning:  if you don’t like explicit lyrics, this isn’t the playlist or blog post for you.

1.  Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit – Judge all you want because of the band; this is a song […] Continue Reading…